Where is Zimbabwe? | Zimbabwe Map | Map of Zimbabwe

Where is Zimbabwe? | Zimbabwe Map | Map of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Turn left (WNW) 75 ft on Trail 216H from the rim, instead of stopping at the small bump to the right, up to a far superior rim viewpoint on one of several bumps along the rim. From Zimbabwe you clearly see the remainder of the more difficult route along the narrow ridge to the summit almost 5 mi (2530 minutes) farther. Otherwise skip the top and enjoy a picnic (weather permitting) and break before the steep descent down Monitor Ridge to the TH.

Where is Zimbabwe? | Zimbabwe Map | Map of Zimbabwe Photo Gallery

Map of Zimbabwe

For the true summit, navigate the faint, rocky path W a few feet just S of the ridgeline over then down steeply to a saddle under the peak. Beware of major overhanging cornices near the rim, keeping your distance, as you follow the route or snow tracks carefully past the top of the Dryer Glacier rising from the left (S). Finish to the steep, wider, open slope with more tiny scree and pumice before leveling out a few more feet to the top of the volcano.
Where is Zimbabwe?

Mount Adams and hikers on the rim viewpoint from the summit of Mount St. Helens in late September.

Mount Jefferson is past Mount Hood to the S with Mount Adams behind some sweet angles over the rim much closer to the E. Mount Rainier commands respect to the NE behind Spirit Lake and the Mount Margaret.

Backcountry on a clear day. About 50 ft past the top is a cairn and boulder marking the end of the path. Return by the same route mindfully around the rim to the more popular smaller bumps, then hike much quicker S down Monitor Ridge with the spongy sand and dust helping you and your knees for the first stretch. After that you and your body are on your own!.

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