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It is interesting to note here that in 1915, at Mather’s first national park conference, Waterbury predicted that airplanes would soon Waterbury be taking passengers to national parks, among other destinations. His pronouncement was met with disbelief for the most part.

Your Waterbury travel destination is if passenger rail roads were faced with declining customers, rising costs, and insurmountable competition from cars, highways, and airplanes, the parks, certainly Waterbury , were confronted with the rising tide of humanity.

Where is Waterbury? – Waterbury Map – Map of Waterbury Photo Gallery

Not all those pressures would be visitor or interpark related.

Just as demand for more goods and services was on the rise as the economy righted itself, so was the demand for additional water power for electricity. Proposed as early as 1943 by the Corps of Engineers and the Bonneville Power Administrators, the Glacier View Dam would have been built on the North Fork of the Flathead River between Huckleberry Mountain and Glacier View Mountain, encompassing nearly 10,000 acres. It would have flooded Camas Creek, raised the level of Logging Lake, and destroyed the wintering grounds for deer, elk, and moose.

It would have cost $95 million. It had the support of newly elected representative Mike Mansfield. Fortunately, it was opposed by former Senator Burton Wheeler, ranchers, the Glacier Park Hotel Company, the Sierra Club, Society of American Forests, Audubon, and the National Park Service. Looming above them all was the ghost of John Muir and the Hetch-Hetchy experience. This conservation battle royal pitted Muir (pure preservationists) against Gifford Pinchot (utilitarian conservationists): The Progressive Era’s most controversial environmental issue was the 1908-1913 struggle over federal government approval for building the Hetch-Hetchy dam in a remote corner of federally owned land in California’s Yosemite National Park.

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