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Hey everyone.

So we’re staying a Blue Orchid resort here in Mobile, and here is the view from my place, and here’s our room all packed up for the day. But to leave the resort we’re going to go back into mob well shoot some drunk footage get some breakfast, and meet up with Mimi, and Morty, and we have a scooter for the day what up it was a little expensive it’s 500 pesos. So that’s probably the most.

I’ve ever paid for a scooter. I assume this is the whip here exact same we had in bowl. I love it the ignitions not working.

But dude this fuel to weight occasionally, I’ll use Wi-Fi. I left MacDonald Oh any Wi-Fi, and a bad deal it should not be legal. I just parked my bike out here, and as.

I came into the parking lot little kids came up to me basically with cardboard, and a rock, and they’re like offering to put it on my seat. So my seat doesn’t get hot. I said no, and unsurprisingly.

I come back, and there it is. I guess one peso is not a bad price to make sure you’re busting up Burt let’s go babe let’s go babe. So we just met up with Maurice, and Mimi good morning sort of not morning anymore.

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But Lauren Mimi are gonna stay here. And I’ve traded in Abby for Maurice Maurice will be on the back of my bike, and we’re gonna go shoot a little bit with the drone got a white beat all right Maurice have you ever been on the back of a motorcycle let’s go what they gave us a bike with a flat tire this is the Philippines as well you can just go up to a random house, and, I’ll give you air pressure how’s the work Christian oh it’s great oh thank you so much good night tell em what a llama thank you.

So much guys we’re about five minutes away from Blue Orchid resort, and we are on white Beach. So this is kind of like the big deal in Wahb well you can see here that it looks like there’s a storm approaching. I’m not gonna pretend.

I know how soon. But there’s one coming, and here’s the beach tada let’s get the drone up, and take a look. So as you guys know.

I only just recently had a drone crash. So of course naturally you get a little bit more worried when you having your next takeoff this guy’s back. But he just had a GPS error well mid-flight.

So luckily there’s not a whole lot of wind. Because as soon as you kick on manual any gust of wind will push it where it wants it’s not going to return to the point it was just that which is the wider GPS. I’m pretty experienced at the drone pilot.

So it safely landed but. I’m going to be quite hesitant taking it off again. I’m going to take a look one man you you we just left the resort we’re going back to meet with Abby, and Mimi Espada that’s that’s like that blog started up like that which means bracelet.

But they started off by just making bracelets actually, and Maurice told me that before they invested in a tripod he was holding the camera from like above while Mimi was doing a bracelet that’s how they started. I spent like 30 minutes holding up the camera. I would like sore arms.

And I would be like hurry hurry finished, and any my blog couple will understand that little fights go on when you’re filming each other little yeah big fight tight fights Abby will be like put the camera here. And So get like really bossy, and then, I’ll get frustrated, and the same thing happens when I ask her to do stuff for me.

I mean so much bickering goes on it’s always when you have two opinions yeah, and you mix them together yeah, and you have an argument. But then you bought a tripod, and his life got a whole lot better yeah guys what makes you like my pecker the bird.

So we’re just driving by, and this looks like a ring to us, and people are holding roosters. So this is gonna be very very controversial. But it’s an undeniable part of the Filipino culture they are so into cockfighting it’s basically like a sport here everyone gets together it’s like a community event, and they place bets on. And So one almost always. I’m pretty sure always will be dead by the end they put little knives on the ends of its feet.

And Because are naturally aggressive when they become mature that means a male rooster by the way not the females they will basically come out each other kicking each other but. Because they put knives on them one of them ends up dying the losing rooster is apparently cooked. I’ve heard that, and the winning team gets to eat that rooster, and the winning of course just wins money in Western culture that is very unacceptable, and honestly.

I don’t think we’re gonna stick around for it but. We’ve at least pulled over to check out what’s going on assuming this is the fighting ring where they’ll be putting them. We’ve ended up in, and like a casino yeah no kidding they’re gambling right now hey.

And We’ve just come through a Filipino casino. I saw them playing this in malapascua yeah this is called Baracus. I don’t know what’s going on but.

I think they’re deciding the next fighters maybe maybe there’s a process. I’m not sure. I go to the back of their hairs just like go up as if they’re ready to go by you by your before.

Because seems like they’re comparing roosters trying to decide the best fight no one’s like hiding his chicken yeah he’s like don’t touch him behind there trying to find the best fight. I guess. I don’t know Browns got the roosters started off as just a couple is about 10 settled in the middle now.

I assume he’s preparing the arena we’re like totally in the dark. I wonder if is the ring speaker Bobby Brisbane yeah Bruce. But maybe there’s a few women.

But but for the most part you see kids as young as like 5 all the way up to well senior citizens bringing their out out for the boys nobody’s denying it was a lot Toronto. I’m on what’s his name does he have a name no no he’s got three wins guys. So he’s fought three times yes they’re gonna be huddled over there who knows how long.

But either way. I’m not here to watch a fight. So we’re gonna be heading out right now we’re gonna go meet with Mimi, and Abby, and my my blog post which.

I left with them is finally uploaded you guys it’s been like two days or maybe even close to three now since. I uploaded. So this is a McDonald’s Abby.

And I were in this morning, and these are the kids who sold me rocking a cardboard you can watch it make sure it’s still there better still be there okay. I’m counting on it. I’m taking money out of the ATM Maurice is talking to this guy here Maurice is telling why doesn’t just go home, and he’s like no money no honey, and you know ain’t that the truth nice to meet you no money no honey remember that, and this is why malls are so popular in Asia. I feel. So good being in here the a/c is on point they’re just blasting cold air into here that is a big-ass death machine look how big that fan is.

So I hired those two little boys to watch my bike let’s see if they did it where’s my bike no that’s all my bike where’d it go. I told you to watch it you sure this is my bike all right. So who’s going to get who gets to keep it there’s only one my blog what about him no he didn’t watch it did he okay all right well this is for you guys split it well keep hustling keep grinding another one where we united yeah sort of Abby have you moved today yeah no to the ideal a youtuber set up we can sit here all day we really could got a beach got some food accessible, and computers that’s all we need good Wi-Fi would be nice to the Wi-Fi is terrible in Mal Paul mal pal wobb wobb wobb gonna take him out for one last little spin today it’s a bit windy.

And I can see some storm clouds coming. But this is how we happy, and if let’s get to clapping, and this is our theme these guys are lit they’re like back flipping off their boat doing all this crazy stuff, and they forget to tap in, and this is our way they switch kitchen tap in, and it’s just how we’re happy these kids are so lit like they’re busting moves left right, and center it’s working or working they have no idea.

I’m filming them, and it was getting, and this is our theme fried rice, and chicken pond seat full belly if we just had like the best meal. We’ve had in the Philippines like it was really good four beers two entrees, and it was like ten US dollars can. I you guys we’re getting picked up at 5:30 tomorrow morning, and we’re going to do body on canyoneering we’re back on air win.

I had to give him a name. Because we fought him for a day. So honestly he’s not a very good bike he keeps making Irene down noise, and he’s hard to start up but, and he’s dead spike sucks this thing like you let go of it like slingshots you have my hat my hat my hat my hat my hat it felt good hey guys we lost my hat oh dear okay pick it up push it push it push it Oh Christian okay.

I’m getting on the bike what are you joking me like you almost killed me popped a wheelie actually the engine dies if. I don’t get a bit of power going. So I put it in neutral they’re revving the motor, and they collected the first gear on the curb.

So I was like okay. I need to get some power, and then. I click it into first it’s a ring we did a wheelie yeah oh that’s my story okay guys.

So there’s a 90% chance we may have a flat tire yeah before yeah we have slaughter like just happened to a pressure we are back at Blue Orchid, and just checking in to our room for the night here is our place for tonight. So you’ve been moved over one room da-da-dah are you guys. I am leaving the wise turkey here.

I’m gonna miss him. I’ve given up on trying to repair it. I’ve tried just about everything Richard here is one of the managers actually has a drone as well.

So we were trying to take a look at it trying to see if there’s anything that was worth salvaging or repairable, and there’s a few things that are still showing life. But he actually knows what he’s doing. And I’m not about to go tinkering with it.

So I’m leaving it here maybe he’ll keep us posted he’ll let us know if it survives. I don’t know. I don’t have high hopes.

But it’s been a pleasure doing service with him goodbye squeeze all right guys. I’ve got a super early morning tomorrow. So I’m going to bed have a good night guys, and let’s get lost again tomorrow you thought.

I was gonna leave you guys hanging on the big announcement well you’re wrong guess what us two are gonna be eight we’re gonna be at my blog FanFest from May 25th to 27th in Manila did it is cue fireworks. So if you guys live in Manila or if you’re making the trek up to Manila to keep an eye open like yeah hopefully we didn’t just find it in you giving out taking it. I’m taking it.

I’m taking it then give it. And I’m taking it.

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