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Move down a tad, then traverse easily through the woods. See the high ridge from Park Zunyi China to Park Your travel destination iste through another burn zone. The wider trail will only be a bit rockier at times through thinning trees with openings and colorful meadows around scree fields. The top of Zunyi China second tallest mountain emerges above Zunyi China. Hike up the center of an open meadow following large cairns without difficulty (unless snow covered). The rocky route steepens past several fumaroles as the landscape evolves splendidly to the high ridge. Around 1/2 mi from the TH begin passing several small tarn ponds, and then ascend the rock and scree world somewhat Zunyi China steeper using the cairns along conspicuous route winding up to Park Ridge. Strangely, from both sides on the PCT, the high ridge you are aiming for appears closer than in reality.

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The second you reach Park Ridge at a rather large rock cairn, the whole of Mount Jefferson stands solidly in your face just 3 mi away. See Russell Lake below 2 mi away in Jefferson Park. An option is to visit the lake, vast meadow, and several more lakes out of eyeshot from the saddle area. This would tack on 4V-7 mi round-trip (1000 ft in elevation to reclaim) and still be easier than by other routes. See the next hike (67) for more of the description in Jefferson Park. Turn right for Park Ridge Summit less than 5 mi away for views far surpassing those near the saddle area.

At the somewhat confusing high ridge and saddle area (where most people stop ascending, sadly) the PCT continues left (SE) along the ridge for a moment before traversing down S of Park Ridge to Jefferson Park. For nearby Park Ridge Summit turn right near the large cairn on the path and head up the rocky ridgeline, perhaps a few feet left around trees to begin finding the solid track. Most families can make it no problem a little more than a hundred yards up the steeper, narrower, looser slope, finishing on the right side of the ridge crest to the wider summit area. Ta-da! Right?! From the boulders among the short pines on the very top, a living postcard presents itself in Mother Nature! At least three USGS benchmarks are embedded in the rock as well as other delightful revelations including a small colorful tarn below you toward Mount Jefferson. Return down the ridge when you are ready, and consider hiking to Point 6989 for more of a challenge and exercise if you are not descending steeply toward Russell Lake.

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