What is up guys it is Friday morning, and we have now arrived in Whistler it’s absolutely beautiful.

I’m in the village which is usually not possible in a sweater. But it’s just. So nice out.

And I’m not gonna be going snowboarding today. I’m actually heading right now to meet up with someone who works with Whistler, and who knows maybe Whistler. And I can find some way to work together in the future they’ve actually hooked me up with a free lift ticket which is awesome.

So tomorrow, I’ll be skiing assuming my foot gets better. I don’t know what’s going on. But like yesterday my foot started cramping up, and it’s not stopped since it’s just like in a permanent cramp this morning Connor.

And I went to the gym which was totally unexpected. But we just had a crazy out workout, and my house are killing me. I’m not gonna hold up.

So well tomorrow. I think. I’m gonna be pretty sore it is such a beautiful day here holy.

So I’m just running into GLC which is a restaurant just at base camp. And I am now meeting with Sarah from Whistler okay. So we just had lunch, and this is Sara, and Chelsea with Whistler, and we were discussing big plans all right.


I just finished out my meeting. And I’m now meeting Connor, and Nicole at the bar, I’ll tell you guys what the meaning of it we are back at our place, and we had a couple drinks we went, and got its thing called a bulldog, and it’s like two tequila shots margarita mix, and a corona chip that’s upside down. So you better saw it.

I look really red. But it’s just the lighting anyways we’re going out pretty soon here. I don’t know.

If I’m gonna bring my camera if not this is the end of a very quick blog. But tomorrow we’re going snowboarding. So, I’ll see you then.

I’m gonna see usually good morning guys it is our second day here in Whistler, and we are just about to go skiing last night we went out to Mojo’s which is a club here in Whistler, and now it’s a really really good night everyone’s pretty tired this morning, and a few people aren’t even skiing. I’ve done a really bad job at blogging this weekend just because. I’ve been with a big group of people.

And I don’t necessarily want to have my camera out all the time but I will do my best to throw together the best blog possible this car is. So baller check this thing out damn when you open up the door the Mercedes emblem like shines on the ground, and it actually like projects it onto the pavement yeah.

I know Thank You Whistler Blackcomb me, and Murphy are gonna tear it up today you gotta hit the slopes, and we’re gonna meet up with everyone else pretty soon we are getting some dogs Murphy you’re gonna have this in full-hd 60 frames-per-second slow-mo bird flying let’s go. Because you look like a traffic pylon alright. So we just had lunch here at Glacier Creek, and we’re going back out it’s more skiing, and boarding god bless go Murphy yeah make it big okay three two okay no goofy faces hi this is a post.

I was need to get a photo just looks awesome all right. So the first half of the day was really icy bit overcast nothing. But nice snow, and we came a bit lower on the mountain syllable or altitude means the snow is obviously a bit warmer, and looser.

So I’m really really nice got an amazing day it’s 3:30 now. So we’re gonna go get a drink. And I’m heading back to Vancouver tonight.

So I got a bit of a trek to get back home. But thank you very much commuters for three alright guys. We’ve packed up we have now just left our apartment here in Whistler, and we’re heading back to Vancouver, and White Rock for me.

So I have like four hours worth of commuting headed me it’s gonna suck. And I also have to take the bus. Because no one loves me enough to get me from downtown.

So the commute begins. But an hour, and a half later we are now in Vancouver. And So now.

I have to get on to the Sky trains go back to White Rock not excited about that here we go just got dropped off. And I’m now heading over to Abby’s place plan for tonight is to catch up on blogging as you guys could see for yourselves. I didn’t do a very good job blogging this weekend most of it had to do with the fact that.

I didn’t want to have my camera out all the time especially around large group of people it’s just not always the most comfortable environment to be blogging. And So that is the reason for my lackluster blogging but I also wasn’t able to upload at the place we were at.

So I’m gonna get at least one blog up tonight, and have another one ready to be posted for tomorrow.

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