Summer Music Festival SQUAMISH

I’m gonna miss this we’re gonna be separated it’s like a goodbye three days three whole days. But this is Vancouver on a beautiful sunny day, and it is lovely you. So lucky don’t think you got the guy over setup time we’re almost there Connor that was a weird that was the weirdest thing.

Summer Music Festival SQUAMISH Photo Gallery

I’ve ever seen welcome one is for yourself walmart sold out of tables. So we’re getting our own custom-made beer pong table here at Home Depot we’re getting them to put together back here they’re backing up the table though cause we have to move the water in back it up to our campsite is. So sick all right guys ahead of the blog back again back in Riverview you add me on snapchat first view underscore three sassy for Instagram give me a fall.

We’ve been walking for like 45 minutes to get to the concert site, and it’s so far away temperatures beautiful refuse to. I’m gonna get tired out Murphy Miller story.

So the elbow snapchat where can you underscore three add me.

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