Hey guys. I’m going good morning guys it is day one here in malapascua we’re at exotic island dive, and Beach Resort, and we’ll be here for the next three days we are going on a full day trip we’re going to got to cave.

And I’m gonna be diving with white tip sharks today, and tomorrow, I’ll be diving with the infamous malapascua thresher shark look it up or just wait till someone’s blog is here here is our room for tonight tada the new room our stuffs moved over here. I’m just running back. Because I need to get amount for my GoPro.

So that. I can dive with it look at this water this is spectacular. So today we’re doing two dives apparently, and both dies there’s a very good chance of seeing whites of sharks.

So you can see everyone here has like their underwater dive housing for their cameras hey guys. I have to take it over the plug officially everyone here came to dive. And I’m not diving today.

But she’s over there in the water. So you guys will probably see that your bingo like what he is doing right at this moment. So during their dive we actually saw three white bull sharks.

I barely saw them. Because it was. So dark yeah.

I have to go pro. I filmed it. I tried to film it like.

I saw like a bit of a reflection of like its gills moving or something but I don’t think the GoPro. I really want to see like a white tip sharks like closely you know in the light.


So for that on the second eye Abby’s doing the land blogs, and being the ocean blogs took it to tile we should just have permanent you this one’s been suntanning a little booty. So I saw the shark it was in the exact same place. I saw the shark last time it was really big it didn’t leave its cave.

So like. I didn’t really get this one with it the best footage. But it was cool welcome back to the blog we are currently under a towel to try to prevent wind noise we’re out at sea going we’re going about 15 nautical miles per hour the weather conditions are good that is all back to malapascua look at that water honey by eautiful just like you this is actually clear water goals guys probably the clearest water.

I’ve seen in the Philippines. So far. So we’re out here right now, and we’re having a photo shoot for Christians Instagram you set up the shot, and then

I took it, and it’s just like totally reached out, and great. So I appreciate you guys apparently. I didn’t hit the right photo angle like obviously.

I want you to shoot that way. I I actually. I took the camera exactly at the angle you told me to take it ad okay let me take it again here back up a debt the demands of a professional Instagram we’re now getting some dinner, and we’re gonna get some dinner, and then move to this leg slide to the right going for dinner beach front view from here at exotic island dive, and beach resort yeah you could pretty much pick a new meal every day.

I am facing next-level exhaustion. I came to speak. I’m PC.

I’m facing next level exhaustion that’s what. I’m trying to say here folks. I feel.

I don’t know like maybe it’s. Because of the diving. But my back is so sore like the story you get before you get sick. So hopefully. I’m not about to get sick but.

I don’t feel very energetic feel like a sloth. I could easily go to bed right now 4:20 is when we have to be to be up at 4:15 til. I get there at 4:20 that fine man right there is the man that found this camera here after Abby left it on the beach thanks Lauren anything to say to the audience let’s talk bedrooms a mozzarella sticks what uh.

I’m gonna need some oh ok it’s going in the blog French onion soup what you know we’re gonna have except by hand we mean we’re sleeping as soon as my blog is done let’s go back to the you guys. I promise. I’ve been trying to upload a post it’s now been two days since.

I posted, and it looks like it’s gonna be three. Because I can’t post here in malapascua the upload speed is a thousand minutes. And I don’t have Wi-Fi in the room, and this like this is one of the best hotels in malapascua malapascua is not the place to go if you have upload needs.

But it’s a beautiful island. And I’m looking forward to tomorrow morning we’ll be checking out the thresher sharks which are these beautiful elegant sharks, and we’re getting up super early Abby’s not actually doing the dive she’ll be joining us for the sunrise boat trip how can I guys, and let’s get bound tomorrow let’s find let’s get lost in from is it making noises hey. I’m.

So lucky. I am getting to such good treatment today oh yes sir.

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