Hey guys it is day one here, and our final day full day in Bangkok basically if you missed the previous blog we spent about a month in Cambodia, and it just made sense to come to Bangkok for a couple of days to show Bend the city, and kind of hang out this is pretty much my second home. I spent four months going to school here in downtown Bangkok whenever.

I can. I try to come back. So literally right across the street from where we’re staying terminal 21 when.

I was a student here. I actually had a bike. And I would go out of my way to bike terminal 21 just to get food two dollars maybe three, and a half dollars for an amazing meal like chicken with broth with rice coke.

So here’s the Thai food is amazing Robin control oh right you already what. I expected are you sort of expecting a lot less like a lot more poverty, and things. But when you come here it’s like no no, and yeah a lot of wealth yeah it’s a really really strange City.

Because most people think before coming here that it’s going to be really poor really dirty really polluted, and it has some of that. But what they don’t realize is actually a very developed City with the law to offer, and as you can see here this mall is massive it’s beautiful, and this is like one of seven malls in the greater Bangkok area, and this is like the smallest of them they get. So so big a free money right here this is my jam.

I hope they haven’t rings this thing all these meals together we’re $5 us that’s how cheap it is here at terminal 21, and the food is. So good oh my god okay we just forgot here, and became all this is like the biggest mall in all Bangkok it’s really good for knockoff good for getting elephant pants. And I need to pick up smells man.

I bought a four shirt these were like $10 the shirt a little bit expensive. But they’re really nice, and randomly. I just ran into an ex classmate we used to live in the exact Ewing residency, and these two go together.

And I just met him in Starbucks. I’m a simple man when I see a shirt.

I like. I buy. I just bought this beautiful captured speaking a box thank you village is their pot.

But other than that we’re going to head out we’re going to go a little bit of exploring in Bangkok. I’m showing Ben right now Bangkok, and it’s raw entirety we are seeing everything from the mall the traffic we were caught at like this one intersection for probably about 15 minutes without really moving gates go over that little over pops go to class just over there every day well when I showed up.


So right now we’re taking you to a place that. I have never been despite living in Bangkok it’s like one of the big things to do a little bit busy a little bit touristy very expensive for what you’re getting. But hello getting fancy.

So this is real the bluest sky bar it was actually featured in the hangover 2 it’s very expensive place to get some drinks, and oversee the entire city. So let’s go check it out on the 64th floor just about this elevators really quick things don’t go as planned seems to be a common theme we went to the top. We’ve got 64th floor, and then we get stopped.

Because we fold first of all they don’t open till 6:00 p.m., and second of all they’re not allowing this into their hotel.

So we’re definitely underprepared one of those times when getting lost, and just winging it didn’t really work out. But we always have a plan B. So right now we’re going to show you where we’re going to better than Lapua anyways.

So whatever what are you selling ice cream ten week in then, I’ll get a cone P coming up hello lovely come on coconut audio coconut here yet no 252 people 100 100 No on 2120 the highlight of your day we’re out learning time for now can’t think about 20 minutes it so much faster how was it good is it an amazing it’s like my favorite thing to do in Bangkok – rollin cars. So we’re just walking by, and this reminds me.

So much of like a Banksy painting, and it’s basically in a nutshell looks like the issue that’s going off the elephants it’s the idea that humans are abusing these elephants for personal gain. So this is kind of a cool piece. I assume that’s what it means if you’re not familiar.

I actually did a blog series where. I went silent, and covered all about the elephants the issues the good things the bad things or hotels further back that way but I taught by the park, and it’s all orange right now.

Because the Sun setting. I want to get back there fly the drone show you guys Bangkok from sunset here is Ben Jocasta Jen’s Ben Jackey peek Benja something parks to the people who say Bangkok is just a polluted city overcrowded chaotic. I show you this it has such a beautiful balance of everything really look at that Oh what you look at that this right here is a bike track going around the water like there’s.

So much you can do in the city. I honestly don’t know many cities that can compete with this like for diversity for amount of activities like the fact that you can get to the islands in one hour flight $30 you can go through the elephants for $30 flight one hour way like literally everything is at your fingertips here in Bangkok. I’m from Canada yeah.

So we traveled Cambodia, and then come to Bangkok for one day Oh leave yep your leave. I know. I’m sorry no.

I leave. I go to Canada ah yeah are you allowed to fly outside. I don’t get oh good park ranger thank you very much thank you very much okay anybody nice to meet you okay bye.

I was probably the best outcome you possibly could have gotten you just smile he’s like well bring it on back what is that they’re playing a bunch of music on that corner something’s going on here oh it’s the national anthem your own stuff yeah it’s an interesting everyone stopped for a good minute, and right as. I finished the anthem everyone did a little bow down Wow Wow. I don’t know why.

I’ve never seen that happen. And I lived in Bangkok for four months oh. I’m going to be completely shameless, and admit that.

I changed her literally for an Instagram photo, and you know what. I don’t regret it like. I don’t know how emergency vehicles get around in this city yeah like definitely for survivors of keeping or on get ready wow look at you what are you doing what are you wearing you leave oh.

So I catch it. I bought it MBK risky like it no pressure cook yeah something crazy just happened. I was checking my Instagram, and there was a little tiny blue checkmark icon right next to my name.

I just got verified on Instagram like what. I don’t know what it is there’s something about getting verified in Instagram that’s way cooler than youtube or on Facebook. And I’m verified on all three of them now.

But Instagram for me was like the biggest like. So I’m pretty stoked about that if you didn’t already know. I’m doing giveaways on Instagram.

So make sure you follow me on Instagram every week. I’m flexing one winner of a free loft t-shirt all you have to do is comment hashtag team get loss every post you comment on increases your chances of being picked as the winner of the week soap, and at loss LeBlanc is my user handle on every social media it is our final night here in Bangkok, and we’re going to be celebrating what’s been an incredible three, and a half weeks traveling together been so much fun traveling with these guys like we all got along.

So incredibly well, and you know when you’re sharing room literally sharing beds tensions can run high, and have to say we have gone along like. So so well, and it’s been so much fun traveling with the dudes definitely go yeah check out then check out Ronnie Ronnie is going to be putting together some awesome drone rails of what.

We’ve been up to the past months let’s go out let’s go explore Bangkok today. I bought this alright lads you ready for this. And I got a wolf what do you want a woman is that wool wool you don’t say the city check that out.

So I’ve never been down here before. But this is joy cowboy man. I avoid this area like the Black Plague for a reason like.

I said have an experiment we’re walking down here cuz you up, I’ll show you more than, I’ll ever need to see very very depressing in many senses yeah oh damn look at this thing it’s hollowed out this thing is made for racing what might. And So can get oh it’s my favorite sky bar. But in all on you have only been to one head up all the way up we got to go up another one colors.

So good didn’t ask for everybody except for you how are you sir. I said 17 it off you believe it you’re actually 19 yeah, and listen here I’d imagine oops alright check it out welcome to octave sky bar this right here it’s sukham Viet Road, and we are just towering over it not a bad spot right on the edge on the princess there’s just something. So peaceful about being up here above all the chaos like the breeze is beautiful the temperature is perfect that night we’re going to our next destination which has yet to be determined he’s out of a town visa fraud spot they text Ben’s ID, and apparently if 322 goes to demo Ben’s 19 all right guys.

We’ve just arrived here at RCA you’re bringing your children leave them at home when you go in Bangkok just excusing you poor guy then got rejected again apparently you need to be wanting to go to route 66 this is hands-down the wildest Bangkok for. I’ve ever done like we literally have showed to bed everything there is to see, and that’s not true we thought we didn’t show employee 11 when we shown him just about all the busy night areas here in Bangkok we’re on both feet the food street, and it’s right next to coolest on road which is the drinking, and this is course on road wow it’s busy tonight yeah pretty you gotta get come on very nice very nice it’s beautiful that’s really people visible symbols our geography, and the fan of the day is the day.

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