This time to say goodbye to these two we’re doing a quick stop here at the care home Abby, and Katie are saying goodbye to their grandma Abby leaves more for Montreal with me. So she won’t be seeing her grandma again till next year her grandma’s 96 years old. So they’ve got good genetics they live long in the Reed family.

But of course in life you never know. So it’s always good that they’re to stop by, and spend some time with the grandma goodbye blog goodbye gonna treat you know with seven days at the cottage see you guys back to my V on a time goodbyes are not forever don’t crack pretty head of my shoulder bye guys. I believe in your brother got to fill in a little bit got some inspiration after working out with Mark for a few days, and now there’s only two of us we’re off we’re going to go into Ottawa check out the Parliament building yeah, and there is our Parliament building right there.

I hate when they do this you can see it’s under construction right now. So it’s got a green meshing around it. But this here is the Rideau Canal, and it’s French what it does is it connects the Ottawa River to Lake Ontario.

And So today this is only used for recreational boating, and it’s just like a really cool historical landmark. But back in the day this is what permitted trade between the river, and the lake, and that’s it right there the Lidl Canal right next to our beautiful Parliament building okay the Sun was blinding me this is not our Parliament building the Parliament building is over there it was. So bright.


I couldn’t see what was going on here this is the Parliament building this is where all the big decisions are made right inside that building there our Prime Minister Justin Justin Bieber of course he makes all the important defence political agricultural decisions up in this building law has been scouted out for photography abilities holes immune to that one he’ll take a few okay ready there it is guys. I have no history to give you. But if.

I do a little research, I’ll let you know there’s like these lights in this box here, and it’s blindingly bright what time’s the Late Show in three hours. So I guess every night there’s a light show here on the building. And So this whole thing should be lit up what look at those hot air balloons there’s like.

I don’t know it’s just kind of blocking everything but I can see at least 15 of them. But it’s.

So cool probably would not be a good idea to fly my drone, and right there is a Canadian police cruiser we haven’t actually had to deploy them since 1993 one thing that comes off a little creepy Christian hasn’t realized his boundaries yet with blogging which is filming children hey they were yeah yeah there’s no excuse no would look at myself you Oh. So we just have some friend talk. I can’t talk today.

I’m struggling more than ever like sometimes. I have days where. I’m trying to blog, and like half my footage is not usable today we’re batting like maybe a 10% average of usable footage it’s really bad.

But we just found some friendly gentlemen, and he recommended that we go down here turn left on Sussex, and go all the way to byron market what the heck back to the future or something. I don’t know what that’s supposed to mean I forgot that.

I’ve been here before actually Abby. And I had dinner here with her family right they’re sitting right there, and that was five years ago time flies when you’re dating in the best friend in the world we were just. I just use the most uncomfortable urinal of my entire life nobody wants to hear that we’ll come back to this out essentially the urinal.

I was using is like right next to the door. So when people come in they take a look they’re like where’s the urinal, and they’re looking right at you, and the worst part of it all was that the guy on the far end he finished before me. And So he he finished.

And So he was like scooching his way, and he literally like rubbed up against me while. I was using the urinal. Because there’s no space between oh my god it’s a splash star are you taking them why oh you really wanted to a landfill CDE see TV is our news station.

So maybe those are suits for the anchors. I don’t know what are you joking me whoa it’s obviously for a segment they went for the mannequins to walk friends like the people on your spire than that you that’s where they’re going they’re going to get some beaver tails bedroom goals. I want that bellow as it has been a good day here in Ottawa we only did like half a day.

But we saw a little bit. But you see. I’m just learning.

I can’t manage anything. I am back on the bandwagon of struggling. I just can’t make anything working my blog day yeah.

I’m scared this thing’s gonna fall off okay he was giving it knows you can’t take it hey guys. So it’s the end of our day here in Ottawa not our day we were here for just like half a day okay okay all right guys we are heading back to Abby’s cottage it’s been a good time here in Ottawa nice to show you guys the capital city of Canada it’s a very nice place you know clean proper organized good place to retire doesn’t exactly have the world’s liveliest culture or anything. I’m gonna have to say Montreal takes the cake as far as Canadian culture goes it is just such a crazy fun place wait till you see my family they’re like the definition of like why Quebec is not Quebec why Montreal is the coolest place in all of Canada it’s such a hip place.

So much personality. And I love like the fusion of the english in the french it just makes it really fun especially. Because I can speak French, and I’d like to be able to practice my French.

So I have no reason to use it anywhere else in Canada no one really speaks French outside of Quebec we have to find a way back to the cottage with no phones, and no idea where we are okay. I’ve idea. I’m gonna stretch it up in Africa we think that with your Derby.

I will just get a small raw blizzard the rocky road yeah definitely a shame verdict it just tastes like an Oreo blizzard. But then you get to the mid although we fudge that’s what a royal oriya blizzard is folks that’s all focusing oh my gosh. I just spilt it on myself.

I did the thing you know the blizzards they do that upside down, and alright guys we just got back to the cottage, and it’s time for me to go inside finish my blog uploaded, and get ready for tomorrow cannot wait to show you guys one of my favorite cities Montreal is such an amazing time. But until then have a good night, and let’s get lost again tomorrow.

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