Starting off in a very unusual place. I’m returning to high school Rome area secondary with Stein we’re gonna say hi to our old teachers signs leaving for six months to go to Europe, and he’s gonna meet one of the coaches we were who taught us rugby it kind of feels like 21 Jump Street a bunch of old dudes walking through high school looks.

So creepy were just like looking through gyms have you seen this Roberts Berlin area at secondary 2011 right there right next to Daniel leaf feels like a freak of nature athlete like a lot of eyes are on me cuz. I know of course 16 anyone. But the one teacher we really want to see was not there.

So I’ve been disappointing. But we got to see one of our teaches, and looks like it’s doing really well yep you know. I’m on a losing streak here it’s so brutal alright. So Stein dropped me off, and now. I’m with Lisa Abby’s little sister least has to be downtown for a group project.

So I’m gonna draw. I’m gonna pick up Abby from work later today as well as. I have a couple meetings okay.

So I had to stop at home. And I just grabbed the mail look at this for the most part. I have no problem with large numbers of foreigners coming yes there’s definitely some complex issues that.

I do have problems with. But one thing that. I really don’t like is seeing English being pushed out as an official language Chinese is not our official language.

And I think it’s a little bit concerning there was even a bit of a controversial bus stop that went up in a place called Richmond which is predominantly Chinese, and the bus stop was entirely in Chinese not a single word of English before this gets any more controversial. I won’t say another word but I need to get ready we’re going downtown.


And I need to grab my laptop all right. So I just dropped Lisa off at school, and now. I’m heading to my old University where.

I graduated from. I’m gonna be meeting a girl by the name of Aneta he’s a really really talented photographer. And I actually wanted to get a bit of advice from her on how she edits her photos.

Because I really like what she does with them. I’m just about on UBC campus the University of British Columbia, and where. I graduated from about Oh God how long ago now about eight months ago probably time flies when you’re having fun right all right we are now on UBC campus on the left is all the varsity arenas the sports fields it’s actually a massive campus on the right here is the RCMP office where all the police chill, and of course right next to it is the frats UBC campus has not changed one bit still the same rainy depressing campus that it was when.

I was here. I mean. I had a great time but.

I do not care for the campus as beautiful as it is it is. So big. So anywhere you need to go it takes like 15 to 20 minute walk always raining.

So there’s puddles construction this is the most recent addition to our campus, and that’s just a small section of the new Student Union Building. I’m pretty sure it costs like 300 million to build the entire complex, and loaf cafe is where. I’m meeting Aneta alright guys.

So we’re right now in the cafe, and Aneta is showing me the way to the motor shop. I’m gonna link her stuff below you guys need to check out her Instagram she is such a talented photographer, and even better at editing alright just leaving UBC now. And I learned.

So so much in the hour of talking with Annette up she gave me these vscocam presets it’s basically like having the ability to use Instagram filters. But on Photoshop, and with a whole lot more sophistication of course hopefully, I’ll be upping my photography game as well as my editing game behind there is Woodward, and that is where all the late-night studying would happen before an exam basically the only studying all year, and those are the towers. I lived in during second year, and this is where most parties would end when.

I EVC here at the McDonald’s just now leaving UBC campus. And I’m going to Murphy’s place. Because he is all my snowboard gear from Whistler last weekend is the end of the University, and the beginning of the city of Vancouver in Vancouver being.

So expensive all these little properties here all these little houses each, and every one of these houses is worth at least a couple million dollars it is craziness. I think they could easily go up to 3 million. And I have just arrived at Murphy’s place all right.

So I picked up all my snowboard gear, and now. I’m gonna go pick up Abby from work okay. So Vancouver off she has this one Park.

And I’ve seen it on the news a few times. I’ve never actually been to it in person it even made international headlines. I would like to introduce you to dude chillin Park you thought.

I was kidding dude this is what Canada is all about guys it’s all about freedom naming parks whatever you feel like feel blessed to be here all right got to do it for the thumbnail here we go, and let’s leave Toronto’s mayor is a crackhead. So it’s really not that hard to believe that a park was named after a bunch of stoners here in Vancouver when right there that ball of craziness is science world, and it’s a giant science exhibit continuing on our tour of Vancouver we are now entering into Chinatown, and onto the less glamorous side of Vancouver we are here at East Hastings, and this is where a lot of homeless people drug addicts not the nicest part of Vancouver Vancouver actually has a really large homeless population a lot of it has to do with the fact that Canadians who cannot afford homes or just have you know mental or drug problems whatever it may be they actually can’t survive the winter in other provinces where it gets too cold in Vancouver is quite mild comparative to most of the Canadian provinces. So that’s why a lot of the homeless people will actually migrate to British Columbia, and hence Vancouver having a very very large homeless population.

I am a tour guide today is this fun where are your legs just picked up Abby from work tell them what you’ve actually said your friend yeah Christian Baxley sent like a really light cute like just like he said st. really cute to me. But he actually send it to his best friend come on.

I called my friend Connor Missy Missy squishy squishy said to the wrong person see my been responding he just yeah he just sent a laughing emoticon the crying laughing. So like he’s really laughing oh he said. I threw up a little bit.

So every morning when I walk to work. I walk past the filming I’d actually saw.

I didn’t see the actors but I saw the main girls body double was like oh do you ever be good if you don’t, I’ll just right now no jaywalkers we’re eating some of our homemade beef, and chicken fajitas nothing beats a good chicken Virginia hey Abby how’s your food Jada it’s good it’s my favorite show ever Arrested Development Abby. And I are running to the gym now, and after that.

I’m gonna come home, and edit my blog being this blog. So this is gonna be the most up-to-date current blog you could possibly ever get. But with that being said that’s the end of my blog for today.

And I will see you guys in tomorrow’s blog.

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