Alright goodbye to the Cabana divide to this incredible view here in koh lipe time to go let’s go to Phuket. We’ve got about a six-hour boat it’s really thank you David a pre-show though a huge relief we have arrived in Phuket it’s been a long travel day from starting at koh lipe at 9 a.

M. to taking the speedboat all the way through to Phuket we just arrived, and it’s 2:30. So it takes a lot out of you during certain points of the ride it was bumpier than others.

And I don’t feel motion sick but I just feel exhausted, and drained not to mention. I’m kind of dealing with a bit of a bug right now.

I’m really excited to be here. I have never been to Phuket mater as Abby, and this is the largest island in all of Thailand, and just like looking around it almost feels like you’re on the mainland. Because you can see how fast it is Phuket is known for high-end resorts it has a lot of tourism it has an airport that lands on the island only a couple islands have actual airports on them.

So this is definitely one of the busiest islands in all of Thailand dudas TV we have made it. I’m so excited to be here how are you good sister my arms, and thank you schibetta Sabrina, and onion trees anything yeah Radhika this here is our incredible suite so.

We’ve already taken advantage of the in-room dining Abby got a brownie. I got some prawn pasta coconut milk by the way if you haven’t had it before it’s a must this Villa has unlimited massages. So we can cut them at any time during the day they will come here, and free of charge well after you pay to stay here you get unlimited massager.


So you can guarantee that we will be taking advantage of that right at the foot of the massage table you have a nice little Lagoon the courtyard is awesome. But one of my favorite things is actually the bedroom come on in. So this here is our living room, and just in here you have a heads, and a her cleaning station you almost feel like you’re in the spa which is quite cool the shower also a steam room just here you’ve got a nice little sunken bathtub, and now the last part of the tour this is the bedroom you feel like you’re in this really tranquil glass box you’ve got a pond that goes around the entire bed, and that is the room pretty sweet huh it really doesn’t get any better than this like we’re just blown away that we’re here right now this place is incredible now.

I’ve got a date with that one over there, I’ll bring the coconuts really excited to trial look dude. I just hope. I can get through it yes ignition oh my god rice metal we have four silicon all right oh my gosh guys that was amazing food.

And I’m embarrassed. Because I really couldn’t fight through it my stomach’s is bothering me, and we literally scratch the therapist now we’re going to get massages. But we were asking what the most massages someone’s ever got, and she basically said someone got an eight-hour massage, and we’re not even eating.

I’m like. I honestly would not want to be massaged for eight hours. I feel like you just be jello after.

And I’m really digging me the robe massage is like this is insane to get past this bug of mine they brought me some lime juice, and some honey apparently that’s like. I don’t know if it’s like a common remedy or a Thai remedy apparently supposed to help you if you’re feeling so. We’ve just dropped here at Bondi Beach, and right now we’re meeting up with the team to go on a sailing excursion which is really exciting.

I have only gone sailing maybe a couple times in my life, and yeah really stoked to get on a boat this here’s a little tiny catamaran we’re putting the waterproof shield on the bag. Because there’s not exactly any storage spots on this boat, and any big waves could definitely wash up onto the bag. So I sit here now.

So we got soaked here. I guess it’s like when you’re getting the boat into the water you are basically grunting the full force of the waves coming in, and my bag got Stokes but. I’m.

So glad we put the waterproof casing on it hopefully everything’s okay in there all along here you can see fog now Beach alright guys. So you’re probably wondering how did. I get from being on a boat to being both get on a scooter.

I got on that boat, and my stuff was getting soaked we were getting nailed with waves, and there’s only that little canapé keeping us above the water. So all my camera gear was sitting in this bag. So I told them to turn around pretty quickly unfortunately we were probably only out there for about 10 minutes.

But gave me a little snippet of what it’s like to go sailing. And I know. I need to do it again properly.

But next time not with all my camera gear. I actually had to wring out my rode mic which has a sponge on it, and water was coming out of the sponge luckily it seems like nothing was damaged. But we got pretty wet.

I have rented the scooter for 24 hours. So we’re going to go explore Phuket let’s get it pullovers all this beautiful view points now we’re at the rim beach, and this is a view point you have just off the side of the highway oh my gosh that’s a nice little hidden beach everything you could possibly imagine is here there’s people on segways three-wheeled motorbike closest thing. I could compare this to is wholesome Oi.

But even coach komoi doesn’t quite compare to this level of development this is a very hilly Island everywhere we go has been up, and down it actually makes some really nice riding aside from there being quite a bit of traffic. But still it’s a really nice ride, and a truly beautiful island there’s a lot of different viewpoints, and we’re not going to get to see hop them today. But this one here is one that.

I’m quite impressed by. So this here is walking screen we’re actually being told if you can’t park the bike here. Because I guess they’re shutting down traffic.

So it will become entirely foot traffic tonight. But you can see there’s tons of bars that line down this street there’s a massive Club right behind me this is kind of like you know as much of a tourist attraction as you can possibly be restaurants nightlife entertainment or team bunk she’s faster if. I want to see a Epping show yeah like no it’s like a live message, and we’re going to be meeting with someone who’s also super horse to the beat right now it’s like another five in a walk people together, and here we are this is Patong Beach this is to guess like busiest of all the beaches this is where people come to you know think of jet skis go on Banana Boat it’s all the above you’ll see lots of motorboat activity out here people reclining enjoying the sun rays parasailing like he looks like he’s look at all to the side any moment that’s kind of cool that’s how they do it.

I’ve never seen it done that way okay. I think it’s a way to save time instead of like dragging someone L in the boat like just do it from the land you know oh oh hey let’s go alright so. We’ve just met up with our new friends guys welcome to the blog what’re your name – boom ah boom ah ha ha ha from Canada thank you he wasn’t originally part of the crew.

But maybe he could be one day he’s like. I’m from waka waka. So this here is Nicole, and you are you guys both from back here, and we are oh that’s wicked, and you guys are in Thailand just to travel around.

I mean tonight he’s going to be na master. So every now, and then we need superfans this is the ultimate band this is Eve Eve literally saw on snapchat that we are coming to put song, and she found us here on The Walking Street. So that’s.

So often thank you so much for coming steady fly looking for amazing. I really have all these people like after school – here to find conservative actually build school here she sends us like a bunch of local recommendation.

So hopefully we have time to take up those recommendations over the next few days. So I know that we have not been doing our typical travels you have seen a whole lot of flashy, and classy, and luxurious hotels, and it’s not entirely what the brand is about. And I do get criticism for it in the comments.

I actually wanted to take a second to address it. Because you know sometimes people tell me things like oh you know go back to the days where you or backpacker or. I can never afford this, and to those people.

I understand that you know this may not be as relevant to you as when Abby. And I were staying in $10 guest houses every now, and then we will have these beautiful hotels into the mix but I hope that doesn’t discourage certain people from reading in fact it’s kind of an interesting story.

Because only a year ago. I was knocking on hostel doors saying hey could. I stay here for free tonight, and by no means is wealth a denominator of happiness by no means is this the only way to travel.

But it certainly has a set of enjoyment that comes with it, and every now, and then Abby. And I do take a bit of a break from being on the road in these kind of places they give us the incredible internet they give us the food that reminds us of home, and in a sense they make this job of constantly being on the run one that becomes a bit more manageable. Because four to three days we feel like we’re somewhere we can call home if you told me a year ago that I’d be in a villa with unlimited massages, and a massive pool going from end to end of the villa.

I would have said there’s no chance. But that’s the incredible thing about getting lost about being self-employed you never know where these opportunities will take you. I hope that instead of seeing this as something that’s unrelatable it can be something that inspires you to try new things.

Because you never know where those new things can take you, and Lara. And I are so thankful to be here right now, and to be able to call this home for two to three nights.

I appreciate every single one of you guys. I even appreciate the people that leave that constructive feedback. Because you helped us create this blog that’s how.

I’m going to leave it off here tonight until then let’s get lost again tomorrow – wah wah wah wah.

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