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Morning guys Stein. And I – Matt Matt just wants the body he doesn’t wanna work for we’re gonna go for a run maybe like run down to the beach kind of the same thing. I did yesterday to get the blood flow going, and a great start to the day the loggers cut out all right yeah it’s reading a Sarah Palin book that’ll give him the body he needs there’s no water the water has been cut out throughout the entire city, and we just got back to a big run, and now.

I just have to air dry my sweat it’s always a treat time to check out at a Yoho hostel if you guys are coming to Varna. I recommend it got like six shirts a pair of shorts, and all of it was for like 60 US dollars just. So cheap have underwear this underwear yeah that looks really good yeah.

I like having a distinct name. I like one of that gyro calf a little thimble size. But they’re good just had a nice lunch.

I’ve got some salad here in Varna, and it’s time for us to start the car, and head out we’re going further south about an hour, and a half area is a great place. I am absolutely loving it here the weather has just been phenomenal the place is beautiful the only thing that’s not been great about Romania as well actually is the service though the waitresses, and pretty much anyone in the service industry here seems to be quite upset, and depressed all the time like it’s very hard to get a smile out of a server, and sometimes you feel a little neglected. But otherwise everything about this place has been amazing.

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I had to make one more stop at the hostel yesterday there was a guy, and he’s got this like weird flute it’s not a real flute it’s actually a like metal pipe that the guy has strategically cut holes in, and he’s turned it into his own Bulgarian flute, and the guy has been playing it around the hostel like all of yesterday all of today he was in the shower playing his flute. I got to see him one last time as. I went to the bathroom, and now we’re off Varna it’s been great let’s go to sunny beach the trip can only go up from here look at this look up beautiful the water is too like us nice teal blue we’re gonna climb that beautiful area called by a la jolla not quite sure how to pronounce it.

But it’s on the way to sunny beach. And I’m thinking to myself they need to get an awesome Instagram pic. And I wanted to find a cool place that was like up on the hills with the water in the background, and get the car in the shot but.

I think this building will actually be cooler we’re gonna just climb on top of it looks abandoned. We’ve got the ghost scope here get that selfie shot. I have not taken a selfie in ages adventure watch out for thorns oh yeah Stine brought up a really good point we saw a massive snake on the way here hey everybody be careful snakes.

So far no snakes Oh someone say adventure mat did you say adventure good. I thought it but I heard it looks like the cavemen used to live here what you think probably not.

I’m useful this water could be the air okey dokey. So find the stairs Oh be kidding you’re not joking there’s a snake oh my gosh dude you serious that way up yes well the way that Rizzo did it might have to take a halt in this photo snakes scare the crap out of me you actually she’s like numbers that’s okay we’re not climbing this. I don’t that’s it boy.

I hate to proceed or not to proceed no. I yes that’s a pretty narrow staircase like this would have been. So sick to get up.

But just it’s not worth it the snake the dark hallways like we really can’t see beyond the corner. And So it could literally just be chilling hiding in a corner you know it’s just a scared of us you’re scared of in lots of they say lease but I don’t.

I get bit by a snake well after a near-death experience gotta treat yourself the right way the only way nectarine this entire acreage is sunflowers this would be. So sick if. I had my drone okay all right.

I had to turn around let’s go in here this is way too sick holy it goes all the way as far as. I can possibly see sunflowers sunflowers sunflower mania that’s an electric fence. So Stein just got a little zap wait okay keep on losing open complications go to soon we made it to sunny beach not use one word to describe this place, and it’s a great one tacky like everything’s very very touristy.

But that’s what it’s gonna be like the next couple of days we’re looking forward to it the beautiful beach, and we’re gonna do a little bit dupatta tea we might party. I’m a difficult. I think maybe go party.

I want to say. I cannot get here is traditional Bulgarian losses on the cabbage now there’s angels castle that’s not tacky happy hour all day our way just gave me the funniest luck when I ordered a burger in the next year with it she’s like like probably first time she served a burger without a beer in sunny beach sunny beach 2018 Bulgaria, and here comes the four o’clock train.

I did a great job you booked a night hostel for us that it’s time yeah that’s the one it’s basically like a Honolulu or a Punta Cana hunt the hotels there’s people taking a paraglider like oh holy it is. So chaotic be boats banana boats the paragliders, and tons of people, and join the Sun that’s what it’s about by far the biggest bitch. I’ve ever seen your own private getaway boys is everything you could have hoped for Pauline all right we’re doing a little snake research here on Bulgaria, and by the looks of it maybe sign might have seen that one there are 16 species of snakes in Bulgaria only four of them are venomous.

So there’s a very strong chance when we saw was not venomous. Because didn’t look like any of the venomous ones here. But nonetheless Sciences was like five feet long like a metre, and a half.

So didn’t really want to get too close it was like really long. But not too thick we’re talking about snakes there is our hotel hostel four one five it’s also the name, and the address here we are here’s our little balcony so. We’ve made it to the hostel we are staying at four one five here in sunny beach, and let me show you one bunk to bunk, and then another double.

I’m on the top this is the hardest thing about being a blogger a daily blogger okay there’s all this stuff going on outside everyone’s hanging out. And I have to finish my blog regardless of the situation luckily this one was a quick one it only took about two hours all right let’s head out. So in the brief moments.

We’ve been to the hostel. I like it. But one of the big things that’s grinding my gears, and thank goodness we have a car is there’s no lockers here for someone who’s blogging.

I need somewhere to lock my stuff. I can’t just leave it out in the room in the open. So we’re gonna be locking in the car.

I guess. I mean it’s not ideal. But it’s better than leaving it in a hospital unattended Matt if you’re a werewolf we’re gonna find out tonight it’s a full moon tell you right now sign may or may not have contracted a slight version of food poisoning he’s thrown up a couple times.

And I think he’s feeling a little bit better now but. I’m not sure he ordered pork chops today at this place, and Matt. And I got burgers Matt.

And I are fine steins not feeling great seriously whoever put that in the car why why alright guys we just got back to the hostel, and it is the end of the night check out this view good night let’s get lost again tomorrow fun of the day yay. Because when I travel.

I’m honestly. So out of schedule. I do not do a very good job of working out traveling.

But it’s the best thing you can do if you have one hour in a day that you set aside for working out it gives you new energy oh hey there hi don’t you just caught me. I was in the middle of looking the full moon.

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