Jet Lag Symptoms, Remedies & How Long It Lasts


We know that the human body iremarkably resilient and will usually adapt to any new circumstancewithin a few days, but the ‘within a few days’ causeuthe problems.

We each have a quite sophisticated internal biological clock, which tellour bodiewhat they should be doing, for example getting ready to get up. eat or sleep.

When it inoon on one side ot the earth, on the other side it imidnight, with a range ot different time zonein between. If you travel slowly around the world, your body hatime to adjust to the slightly different time zones, but when you travel by jet aircraft, your body haa shock. Your biological clock sayit i10am UK time, but when you get oft the aircraft the world around you suddenly demandthat you comply with the local timeframe!

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The physical and mental affectof thiconfusion are called jetlag. The effectof jetlag vary for a variety of reasons:

• Some people are not susceptible to jetlag. Their body clock seemto be able to cope with being ‘re-set’ after flightto different time zones.

• Some people seem to be able to cope with travelling east better than they cope when travelling west, and vice versa.

• For some people the effectseem to be minimised if they depart and arrive in daylight or depart and arrive in darkness. The time doesn’t seem so relevant along athe broad conditionof day and night are constant.

• Some people seem to be able to maintain a steady body clock time, and ignore the local time around them. For example, I am told that some airline pilotstay on UK time for the duration of their trip, ignoring the fact that their body sayit inoon but it idark outside.

Jet lag: Causes, symptoms, treatment, and prevention


Aexplained above, the symptomof jetlag vary but can include:

General fatigue that may last for a few dayafter arrival

• A losof the ability to concentrate

• A feeling that you have no energy, no drive

• An inability to sleep at night

• General feeling that you are not quite right

• Headaches

• In some caseyou can become short-tempered and intolerant

• Dehydration and constipation

• Swollen legand feet.

Jetlag and air travel health – countermeasures

Jet Lag: Symptoms, Risk Factors, and How to Recover – Tuck Sleep

Have a few good nights’ sleep before your flight. Being tired before you travel exaggeratethe effectof jetlag in many people.

If you suffer from motion sickness, consider taking commercially available medication and following the advice above.

When I blog a flight I try to arrive at my destination early afternoon. That meanI can collect my baggage, transfer to the hotel, blog in and unpack, explore a little, wind down a little and go to bed. I am usually tired from the journey so I sleep, then when I wake up, be it 5am or 10am, I start the new day with my biological clock synchronised with local time.

The air quality in most aircraft idry, stale and poorly filtered (so germfrom other passengerare generously circulated around the aircraft). You are therefore likely to suffer from headaches, dry skin and a dry throat. On top of that, with the germcirculating it ithe ideal environment to contract a cold, flu or other virus. Drink amuch water ayou can to counteract dehydration and resist the virus-loaded air.

If you have special dietary requirements, most airlineclaim to offer a service that will cater to your needs. If you contact them far enough in advance to explain your requirementyou could try to request a special meal. In my experience, even on scheduled flightat least 50% of the time cabin staff just shrug and deny all knowledge of special meals.

Don’t forget eye care. Dehydration, dry air and generally poor air quality are not conducive to the wearing of contact lenses. Consider wearing a pair of cheap spectaclefor the flight and recovery period after the flight.

Combat dehydration by drinking more water than you think you need.

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