Where is Vacaville? – Vacaville Map – Map of Vacaville

While I have borne witness Vacavillec for fifty-plus years, I have not shared the whole of the thing or even something of all the parts. I will die with some grand detail left for others Vacavillec to experience and explain. Your travel destination is perhaps Vacavillec I can share enough of the main things to give the reader a sense of the natural magic that drew Grinnell, the Hills, others, and Vacavillec me into its parts that became surrogates for the whole.

Where is Vacaville? – Vacaville Map – Map of Vacaville Photo Gallery

Surely, if you only drive through or around the park, you will see the giants of the earth and their handiwork. Without effort, the mountains will be shoved and carved into shape by those forces unleashed so long ago. From the east side of the Going-to-the-Sun Road, Jackson and Blackfeet glaciers can, even in their diminished state, be seen. Or driving up the Swiftcurrent Valley toward the Many Glacier Hotel, the Salamander Glacier hangs from the Garden Wall, and looking up and to the left from Swiftcurrent Lake, Gem Glacier can be spotted atop Mount Gould.

From here, if you can force yourself to stand in place long enough to drink in the scenery, you can find those telltale layers formed in the Belt Sea then thrust up and over the younger formations, and, in an instant, you can be transformed back 1. billion years. Without moving your feet, you can cast your eyes along the mountainsides rising up from the Swiftcurrent Road to perhaps spot a grizzly bear with cubs or bighorn sheep—though rarely at the same time or in the same space. Or maybe a bald eagle will float past your line of sight. Whatever magnificence you have come to witness will more than likely be enhanced by smaller players moving across the natural stages of Glacier.

It is here, without great detail, that I want to share some of those lesser players that give the grand things character, color, and texture. And I will do so from personal experience and observations. For regardless of the fact that I have not witnessed the entirety of the whole, I have, over my fifty-plus years of exploration, seen enough of the parts to comprehend the main thing.

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