The Best Attractions in Stockholm?

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and one of the most popular places in the world that is full of tourist attractions. If you like the traveling a thing, then it can be a good idea to make a visit in Stockholm. But, you have to get a complete knowledge about the tourist attractions of this city before you go there, otherwise you will miss most of the popular things of the city.

This article can serve as a travel guide for you. You must read this whole article for getting yourself acquainted with the all sorts of major and popular attractions of this city.

Things to do in Stockholm

In the following, we will describe a few of the attractions which you must visit while having your leisure time in Stockholm.

Visit the old town

The first thing you must do while you are in Stockholm is to visit the old town. Gamla Stan is known as the oldest place of this city. When you visit this place you can get to see some of the notable buildings of the medieval time.

We have listed in the famous buildings for you:

Tyska Kyrkan (The German Church)

The Riddarhuset (known as the House of Nobility)

The Bonde Palace

The Oxenstirna Palace

The Tessin Palace

Visit the Museums

It is a brilliant idea to visit all the famous museums of this city. Actually, you can find more than 100 museums in the city and surprisingly, all of these museums are very popular kind of tourist attractions. Millions of people from different parts of the world come here each year and visit these museums for a variety of reasons.

In the following, we will mention some of the notable museums which you must visit while you are on the Stockholm travel.

Nationalmuseum (30,000 art & handicraft plus 16,000 paintings)

The Museum of Modern Art (or, known as Moderna Museet)

Stockholm City Museum

Skansen (archetype museum- inaugurated in 1891)

Fotografiska (the museum of Photography)

Royal Coin Cabinet (find the history of money)

The Vasa Museum

Swedish Museum of Natural History.

These are not the only things to do in Stockholm because there are also many more options for you like visiting the art galleries, Theatres, Suburbs and the amusement parks.

If you like traveling and if you have not yet made a Stockholm travel, then it is the right time for you to know about the famous attractions in Stockholm.

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