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If you travel a lot or are planning a number of trips, you probably have a list of things you know you’ll want to take with you. Is a good pair of sunglasses on that list? If not, it should be. Sunglasses are vital to good eye care since they protect your eyes from the bright light and can block some of the harmful UV rays. They can also be very stylish, especially if you look for those made by fashion designers. But there are other reasons, too. Here are five different reasons you should wear sunglasses while you’re traveling.

1. They Block UV Rays

As mentioned, good sunglasses help protect your eyes from the ultraviolet rays produced by the sun. These UV rays can damage your eye’s retina and cornea, leading to a loss of vision. You want to make certain that the sunglasses are rated for blocking UV rays”almost all of them are, but there are some that are designed for better blockage than others. Of course, there’s more danger in the sun’s rays than just from UV light. There are other light frequencies that can make your vision blur or cause the contrast to seem off. Sunglasses can help block these rays, too, especially if you get certain colored lenses. Different types of sunglasses will work better in certain parts of the world, so you may want to consult a professional when shopping for them.

While you’ll want to wear them outside, here are some other places you should think about wearing sunglasses:

On a plane if you’re sitting by the window
In the car
If you ever feel your eyes aching

If you find yourself squinting to see something because the light is too bright

If you’re wondering how to ensure your eye safety, this is one easy thing you can do. If you already wear glasses, you may be able to get transitional lenses that will darken when you’re in the sun, or you can buy prescription sunglasses online.

2. They Block Out Glare

Sunglasses also help block out glare. There are a number of different surfaces that reflect light, which can make it even more difficult to see and harm the eye even worse. Exposure to a good amount of glare can cause headaches and damage the eye. If you’re going to the lake or beach or if you’re headed out to the slopes to ski, you definitely need a pair of sunglasses”glare from the water or snow can be horrible. Also note that sunlight can reflect off of buildings, so even if you’re in the city, you still need sunglasses.

3. They’re Stylish

Designer sunglasses can add to any outfit. While their primary purpose is protection, of course, they can also make you look trendy, sophisticated, or sporty. Of course, finding the best pair of sunglasses can be difficult. You’ll want to explore stylish and designer sunglasses for travellers by looking at boutiques, online, and even at your optometrist’s office. You always want to look for UV protection first, of course, but there’s no reason not to find a pair of sunglasses that really fits your style and personality. For some, aviator sunglasses for women may be the best fit, but other traveling ladies may want something a little different.

4. They’ll Help you See the Sights

A good pair of wayfarer sunglasses or aviators sunglasses do more than just make you look awesome”they help you see everything awesome around you. The bright sunlight or its reflection off of certain surfaces can make it very difficult to see what’s going on around you. Your trusty sunglasses will cut down the light, allowing you to see things without squinting. That way, you won’t miss anything that may be hidden by the light. Who would want to miss seeing something as amazing as the pyramids or the Eiffel Tower because the sun’s glare is in the way?

5. They can Save your Life

Bright sunlight can be distracting. If you’re squinting and trying to see what’s in front of you, you could easily miss things. If you’re wearing sunglasses, though, your vision won’t be impaired in the slightest. You’ll see everything around you, including things like vehicles, pedestrians, bikers, and other hazards. This is why many people wear sunglasses even when driving”bright sunlight can make it impossible to notice every single thing on the road. If you miss something dangerous while driving, at best it will result in damage to your car. At worst, you could hit someone or be hit by another vehicle.

Are you convinced yet? When you next go on a trip, be sure to pack a good pair of sunglasses. They not only will make you look trendy and help you see the sights, but they’ll also provide protection to your eyes and help ensure that you’ll have strong, healthy vision for years to come.

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