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I would never train in Pattaya. It’s a sleazy town and it really gives Thailand a bad name. I almost guarantee that if you go to Pattaya to train you will end up drinking a lot, hooking up with bar girls and not dedicating to training. The other guys training at the gym will be doing the same thing and, overall, it won’t be a good environment to get fit and train.

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The only reason why Pattaya is so popular is because it’s relatively close to Bangkok and has a beach – although it’s a shitty one! You are better off going down to Phuket if you want to semi-dedicate to training but still want the fun parts of Pattaya. The best gym in Pattaya is Fairtex but – just like the one in Bangplee – it is overpriced. The second best gym in Pattaya would likely be Sityodtong but, honestly, I have no idea; Pattaya really isn’t my thing – I wouldn’t recommend it.

Best Gym in the Koh Tao/Koh Phangan/Koh Samui area.

These three islands on the east coast of Thailand are quite nice places to visit and live. Prices are cheaper than Phuket (which is on the west coast) and since the islands are within a 1-2 hour ferry ride from each other, you have some variety. The main draw of Koh Tao is the cheap scuba diving and backpacker lifestyle; Koh Phangan is famous for its monthly Full Moon Party; and Koh Samui is the most built-up and expensive of the three islands, and is the only one with its own airport.

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