What to Pack for Thailand: the Ultimate Packing List

Optional snacks. As much as you plan on ‘eating clean’ while you’re training in Thailand, you won’t! One of the fighters currently training at my gym, Mirkko, runs 10+km a day and trains morning and afternoon. He then goes to the shop to buy ice cream, cookies and chocolate. When you train at this high level your body just craves calories and often meals are not enough. So, you might as well bring some healthy snacks with you from home, as they are hard to find here in Thailand and often a lot more expensive.

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I brought 3lbs of Raw Almonds and 15 bars of dark chocolate. I figure I’m going to eat snacks anyway so I might as well have them somewhat healthy. I also found drinking protein shakes, especially if you mix it with a bit of coconut milk – cheaply available in Thailand and super good for you – satisfies most of my cravings. On my next trip I plan on bringing some beef jerky as well. Sundries and toiletries. You can buy everything in Thailand, often for less money than you would back home with the exception of the following items: Neosporin – this handy antibiotic ointment has a patent that makes cuts heal. There are tons of antibiotic creams in Thailand but none of them actually close up your wounds. I brought three tubes with me, as you get cuts, scrapes and infections all of the time in Thailand – especially while training.

Sunblock – Thais don’t use sunblock, which is ironic because they love to be light skinned. So, this means sunblock is considered a luxury item and costs 3x as much as it does back home. Often there will be whitening bleach in the sunblock here as well, which can’t be good for your skin! Tampons and Condoms – Two things that aren’t readily available or cheap in Thailand – bring your own. Natural products – I brought all of my own toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant and soap as I like to use natural products without a bunch of chemicals in them.

I remember when I was 13 years old and buying my first stick of deodorant. I asked what the difference was between antiperspirant and deodorant. When I found out antiperspirant stops you from sweating, I thought, “That can’t be good for you”. 15 years later, studies come out showing that the aluminum in it causes cancer. The choice is yours – it’s your body – but, personally, I’d rather use products that don’t have a bunch of chemicals, artificial scents, colors and other crap I can’t pronounce in them. I personally use: Tom’s Natural’s – For deodorant and toothpaste (bought anywhere) and Dr. Bronner’s 18-in-1 Peppermint Soap – For shampoo, face soap, body wash, fruit wash and shave cream (bought at Trader Joes).

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