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You can rent a bike for around 350 baht a day or you can rent it for an entire month for 2,500 baht or less. Do the math and – just like your accommodation – it’s much cheaper to pay per month than daily. Just be careful! If you crash the bike you’ll end up paying up to 10,000 baht fix it. And in some places, like Koh Tao, almost every single motorbike rental shop tries to scam you by charging for scratches – your fault or not. If you plan on staying in Thailand for 3 months (or longer) just buy a second hand bike.

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I did this every single time I came and ended up selling the bike for about what I paid or (occasionally) even more. You can buy a cheap, used second hand bike for around 10,000 baht ($333US) or a nice one for 15,000 baht ($500US). If you do the math, instead of paying 7,500 baht renting a bike for three months – and risking paying another couple thousand when you return it – you might as well just buy a bike and then anything you get back is ‘profit’. If you’ve never owned a motorbike before there is a 50% chance you will drop it or otherwise have a minor accident. Some places are very forgiving of these things while others – especially ones that hold your passport for deposit – will charge you a lot for repairs.

My personal experience with Bikes: Honda Wave – Paid 10,000 baht, Sold 12,000 baht, two months later Honda Dream – Paid 10,000 baht, Sold 10,000 baht, three months later Honda Dream – Paid 10,000 baht, Sold 8,000 baht, six months later Yamaha Nuevo – Paid 15,000 baht, Sold 12,000 baht, four months later If you do the math, I basically ended up paying 3,000 baht for 15 months of bike rental, which is about $6US a month and less than 10% of what I would have paid normally. Renting a bike for 15 months at 2,500baht would have cost me 37,500 baht ($1,250US). If you’re only here for 2 weeks you might just have to pay the daily rate; however, this is the reason why I always encourage people to stay for at least a month, since it ends up costing almost exactly the same amount of money for 2 weeks in Thailand vs. staying a month. Let’s do the math, using Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket as an example – just for fun!

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