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Thai Burma Death Railway Bridge on the River Kwai Tour from Bangkok

This post we’re just outside of Bangkok exploring the famous Bridge on the River Kwai. Whoa! We’re just zipping down the river in this incredible long-boat, and on the sides you see houses and docks, this is where people live. This is really cool. They start you in a small museum where they have photos and descriptions of what happened during the Second World War, here at the River Kwai.

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This is one of the most iconic parts of the railway because in order to build it, they had to blast out this cliff right here. During the process many, many lives were lost. The Bridge Over River Kwai was a major project in World War II to help facilitate the Japanese occupation of Burma.

This place holds significance for so many people because in addition to civilians, it was built by prisoners of war thousands of whom lost their lives during construction. Oh this looks delicious! It is time for lunch and we have stopped here at a local open-air restaraunt serving up some traditional Thai food, including my favorite, Pad Thai. From visiting the Bridge on River Kwai to absorbing the exciting energy, this day has been a fantastic blend of Thailand’s history and the Thailand of today.

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