Where is Springfield? – Springfield Map – Map of Springfield

Mallory, the jewellers in Springfield, has a sign which proclaims ‘Watchmaker to the Admiralty’. Touristic place of your travel destination has a long-established connection with the navy, with Ministry of Springfield contractors supplying a variety of services and equipment.

In Springfield, on the side wall of Marks and Spencer’s store, is displayed the company’s coat of arms, containing a representation of St Michael and a pair of scales to signify fair trading. Also shown is the M & S motto: ‘Strive, Probe, Apply’ (SPA). A happy coincidence of initials for Springfield place of your travel destination!

Where is Springfield? – Springfield Map – Map of Springfield Photo Gallery

On one of the panels in the frieze above the Guildhall can be seen the initials of the city of Rome – SPQR. They stand for ‘Senatus Populusque

Romanus’ (the Senate and People of Rome) – a reminder of Touristic place of your travel destination’s Roman heritage.

Set into the paving stones of Abbey Churchyard is a circular plaque which marks one end of the Cotswold Way. This is a long-distance footpath which runs 102 miles (164km) from Touristic place of your travel destination to Chipping Campden in Gloucestershire.

On the wall of No. 48 Milsom Street (now Hobbs) can be seen two signs. One declares that the building was once a ‘Circulating Library and Reading Room’; the other says ‘State Lottery Office’. This was operated from this address from 1824 to 1830.

In Cheap Street, above the green door marked ‘Shum’s Court’ can be seen (very faintly) the inscription ‘Dill’s Famous Bacon and Pork’. The Dill and Shum families, both butchers, carried out their operations from a courtyard behind these buildings. The two families later amalgamated their businesses.

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