Really go to like communicate we were just checking in to get a ferry across, we’re going back to mainland Cebu. So, we’re going to Cebu City to meet the guy from Instagram. And he’s gonna show us around the city.

And then the following day, I’m not sure where we’ll go but he’s gonna hopefully show some good spots but to hop on this big ferry here. And on where’d we go we met four people. So we are currently so.

I am currently vlogging. And Abby’s currently vlogging we are here in cebu city cebu city looks like what. I expected Bangkok would look like not as nice Bangkok is actually a beautiful city.

And this is kind of what you’d expect from a selfie station city we got a recommendation on where to go. So, we’re gonna go find somewhere to stay. And then tomorrow morning we are leaving at 4 in the morning.

And, we’re going to Calais on Falls to do some canyoning. So that’ll be pretty nifty your typical selfie station bathroom we got some cigarette buds near the toilet seat that’s why that paper. I think that’s for us for putting water in the toilet to flush.

And here says your health is in your hands watch them. I think, I’m gonna pass. I am not touching the sink all the way in the Philippines.

And they have a Krispy Kreme here. I think, I’m gonna get the KitKat chocolate filled American fellas this is rod. And this is brows.

CEBU CITY MAP Photo Gallery

And they will be showing us around Cebu we are on the local transportation which is a jeepney here in the Philippines like seven paces to get around. So everyone that thinks that traveling is all glamorize unless you have the money sometimes you stay in pretty basic places bedroom here is far from spectacular but it does the job no toilet seat the sink is broken but it has a mirror which is cool there’s no hot water either but, it’s not a big deal cuz it gets hot enough here that you don’t really need hot water TV that’s, it’s also quite advanced. So it is like 3:30 in the morning pretty tired right now but, we’re heading to Calais on Falls.

I met jollibee which is the McDonald’s. And Philippines. And, I’m having like a pancake breakfast sandwich, it’s pretty good we just got off a three-hour bus.

And we are now here just to veneer the cows on fall. So, we’ve got our own personal tour guide showing our group around. I think, it’s like 1,500 pesos Filipino pesos.

So, it’s probably about oats hmm $40 each which is a bit expensive but I think includes lunch it includes personal guide. And obviously he knows the inside track oh the little headpiece yes.

So they cut it off for cockfighting okay yeah. And you remove the talons on the back to write for you can put it on a knife you you pilot pilot yeah geez there’s like 20 roosters just hanging. I guess, it’s we were hearing, it’s just a breeding ground here Emelia pesos per fight that’s how much is out that’s divided by 37 like okay Wow yeah 37,000 that’s also considered.

So long long legs is better for a rooster okay yeah okay. So we just heard that if you’re not if the roosters run away. And don’t fight back they’re actually just eaten because they’re not fit for fighting.

And the losers that also die are cooked. And eaten are you familiar with the GoPro good luck Rolo quits for Kenya oh damn. And, we’re off on our canyoning adventure with our vests we have three gold pulse with us.

And three GoPros. So today will be well documented, we’re with rod right now. So rod is pretty big on Instagram you got like 150,000 followers.

And he does photos of the Philippines. And he’s taking us to one of the spots you know a few minutes really well just cows on falls in the body on there. And then the canyon over it.

And I get to figure out what canyoning even is.

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