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So don’t leave the post All Right see you later Labuan bajo where we’re going nine-foot creatures 250 pounds they will chew your feet are yar MIT it’s the time to turn inspires all of all the scaly commando that’s what that’s what. I think fudge becomes scary dragons better thanks to yard Holub all scaly dragons stop insulting pirates accents we don’t sound like that oh the boat sickness stores all right here we go thank you guys. I got to give you a quick tour of the boat the scaly dragon guitar this here is the poop deck this year’s the bow where the boughs the back.

I don’t know anyways doesn’t matter upstairs here this is when you feel like lounge this here is when you feel like getting intimated tonight we’ll be sleeping under the stars like all stars know what. I mean let’s go back down let’s see what we got back here this is Louise Louise is our guide, and he’s like the coolest guy ever. So he’s gonna show us a good time good to see you again you got like the engine boiler room not going to spend too much time in here.

I don’t think right here you got the comfort room as. I like to call it think even have a shower well that’s a shower there you see the bucket right there you got the kitchen you got the back of the boat where you can jump off do your snorkeling this is our life for the next few days, and we are now leaving the port. I want to go on that one we’re worried about getting boat sick.

I’ve actually gotten boat sick before, and it’s not fun it’s a horrible feeling. But we went told our guide loys down there we’re like yellow is like where can we go, and get some gravel which is the Canadian equivalent for like nausea, and he’s like. I don’t worry about it.

So he goes, and picks us up some mystery drugs, and we just took some she’d just bark strode let me add after. I was like this is a good idea, and it takes off right just comes Valley eventually this wolf battery can you imagine nobody would a guy. I just like dodged it it literally was coming from my leg.


I jump out of the way don’t let go Christian just don’t do it like they’re getting on a stranger’s boat, and taking his drugs yeah good start to the day the five hours me Comoros Weber’s when Rita is two hours make models five you Oh what’s over there Oh oh my gosh. I see them. I see the Dead Boys came upstairs he’s like.

I check it out dolphin. So I ran to go take a photo by the time. I put my few months on they’re already gone but.

I’m sure we’ll see more just like their domain their area. So pretty cool Oh are there you everyone’s passing out here the end of the hand wouldn’t it’ll work pretty awesome guys. So I just realized we actually have outlets right next to our bed, and just to my right one of the most beautiful views really arid, and dry looking mountains that’s actually one of the things about Komodo Island, and this whole area that there’s not a whole lot of area for covered.

Because well you can see for yourself there’s like really not much that can grow in these these little islands you go looking for shade in the island there’s a good chance you’re going to run into one of the locals, and you don’t want to get too close to them. I wanted to give a thank you a shout out to this is Flores they’re the ones who have actually coordinated this whole day for us they got the driver they got the guide they got the boat set up, and everything has been super streamlined. So far.

I just got a wake-up call no idea what time it is with lunch time it’s lunch time lunch time let’s go eat it out what’s cooking good-looking crab or you’ll love that your favorite eggplant or what is that looks like the emoji plan yeah, and then we got some chicken grab lobsters crap okay yeah. We’ve arrived at Renshaw island which is actually the closest of the places that you can go to see the Komodo dragons, and it’s also the best place you can go. Because it’s actually a smaller island, and there’s a large enough Komodo population here you have a very good chance seeing them Komodo Island is supposedly where it all started where they came from but.

Because it’s a bigger island it could be a little bit harder to find them for seeing both. But we’re starting here in Renshaw what that’s a lizard no dude is he fast yeah he can hurt him fast like 15 kilometres an hour. So low as our guide pointed it out right there is a komodo dragon.

I didn’t realize that. I thought that was part of the tree. I came walking by here.

I would have never even noticed it actually shuts its eyes not. Because it’s sleeping. Because it’s blending in with the tree right now.

And So it can eat basically anything on this island there’s tons of prey there’s boars there’s deers there’s even the monkeys like they will eat anything that they can get close enough to, and they’re fast. So you got to pay the park rangers to get in it’s about $20 us just a bit last one it’s a little expensive right here that’s the Book of the Dead the people who have been eating the past day, and you’re a guide today excellent guy just said sometimes he actually uses a stick to keep them away. So he has been attacked before.

But he’s still standing this is like 30 seconds into our hike guys. We’ve already seen two Komodos including this trooper right here oh he looks like he could use a snack you gotta feed this bad water just walking on the path forget other oh my gosh is another massive one too basically that little prong on the end is – you poke them in the neck to keep them away have you ever gotten close to being bit have they gotten close to getting a few times a few times you’re brave to work here again a skate actually from me you know how to like gee there’s some training that’s involved yeah for sure. So this one’s 25 years old guys.

So only halfway in life. But a big enough to fill a bathtub basically a way to do running chicks in zigzag running right. I think that’s the same thing for bears too interesting.

I love you gene in push each be Komodo cannot climb up each animal we may have a ranger with us but. I’m like doing my own surveillance right now. I just kind of keeping my eyes open.

Because he was telling us. I was like what do they normally eat on a typical day he’s like they normally eat deer. I mean.

I couldn’t catch a deer. So I don’t know how that thing does. But apparently they’re very stealthy they’re like sneak up on things they hide in bushes, and when you least expect it they’re chewing on your legs, and they can smell blood from five kilometers away.

So even the slightest open flesh wound, and you should be very careful. Because you’ll definitely get their attention they’re like land sharks, and not only will one come after you. But as soon as they smell a cut link as soon as that one of them attacks something they all migrant they all come in, and hack like sharks if someone gets attacked within a couple seconds – like a couple minutes you can expect to see more Komodos coming to attack you.

So there’s one – chillin over there, and there’s four of them right here there’s five of them there’s one over there oh he’s just reclining it’s like yo do you want to say 15% on car insurance Abby Abby Abby like. I told the guy. I was like.

I have to go pee he’s like just go over there go over there, and Here. I am walking on my own there’s like this really eerie quietness there’s a tiny little lizard there that’s scared the crap out of me anyways now. I really gave you an example of the heightened anxiety that Pete was a little scary to me.

I kept feeling like. I was gonna get ambushed. I was reading online that in 2008 there was actually one tourist who was killed it was little boy, and unfortunately he died.

Because he was going pina bausch, and the the Komodo dragons are very stealthy they were hiding in the bush, and one just jumped out lunged at him, and it was too late. I thought that was gonna happen to meet you then. I saw that little tiny dinky gecko.

So right over there guys is actually one of the Komodo nests. And So they lay their eggs in there that each of the female kimonos will lay about fifteen to thirty eggs per year of which only half will actually get hatched. Because I lot of them get eaten by snakes by other lizards, and then from there only about fifteen to ten percent of them will actually make it to the adolescent stage in their lives.

So again it’s a very very fierce environment they live in there’s actually no parent ‘el instincts in the Komodo. And So as soon as the babies hatch its going to run up a tree, and basically try to get away from any other creature. Because even its mother will eat it.

So it’s pretty interesting stuff here. So there’s not much talking going on right now everyone’s kind of out of breath a little bit. But we’re very lucky this has to be one of the cooler days to come here.

Because it can get excruciating ly hot, and it’s not much shade here oh yeah. I see it. So there’s a buffalo down there that’s the kind of prey that Komodos would eat oh it is so vast here when Bay tries to tickle your neck you go oh. I know. I stole it from a Meem alright guys our grills here currently in hot pursuit of a family of Komodo dragons each of them ranging from 200 to 250 pounds.

I just smelled the donk they can’t be far guys you’re not gonna believe this this is at least the footprint of a 600-pound Komodo let’s see by my measurements it’s about five minutes away that way alright guys. We’ve run out of water my only options now how to extract the water from these here grasses. I shall keep me going for at least another three hours let’s go guys we’re almost there alright Sheila.

I’m gonna need you to put your finger in there tell me how recent it was guys. I think. I see him oh yeah is that least a thousand pounds wrong you know they say all crossroads lead to the gift shop peace out see you later guys bye bye it’s time to get aboard the boat fan of the day Oh.

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