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What ian action list?

You will have to draw up an action list for each countermeasure you have identified and listed. The action list isimply a list of the taskyou have to complete to introduce or implement the stated countermeasure.

For example, taking aan example the countermeasure of ‘making up an emergency medical kit’, we have to look at the jobs, taskand actionthat we will need to introduce that.

The action list showeach of the stepneeded to do that, in the order in which they have to be completed. When finished, the action list becomea plan, a checklist and a work schedule that will help you to introduce that countermeasure. For example, you may have to collect the following itemfor your emergency first-aid kit:

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• A packet of sterile alcohol swabto clean the skin.

• A variety of good-quality sticking plaster dressings.

• A large roll of surgical sticking tape.

• Aspirin/Ibuprofen (painkillers)

• Anti-inflammatory cream/spray (soothing biteand burns)

• Anti-acid medicine (settle upset stomachs)

• Antiseptic ointment

• Scissors

Cotton-wool wipes

A possible action list of the stepand taskneeded to make an emergency medical kit may be:

• Go to the doctor and ask if you can buy some syringeand needles.

• Also ask tor needleand sutures, awell askin-closure strips.

• Get advice about the rest of the itemand if possible buy them from the doctor.

• Go to the hardware store and buy a strong plastic waterproof box that ibig enough to contain all of the items, and two pairof small scissor(they are cheap and you may lose or contaminate one pair).

• Buy and collect all of the items.

• Set out a time and place to check and pack all of the itemin the box to create your emergency first-aid kit.

When all of those stephave been successfully completed, you will have created the first-aid kit and the countermeasure will be in place.

You will see that in some casethe necessary stepand actionrequired to deliver a countermeasure could take some weekto complete, or it could be completed in an afternoon if, for example, your doctor now sellready-made holiday emergency kits.

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