Hey guys from our last day here in Constanta this is a random persons home that we rented for the night. But it worked out very nicely it is our last day together the guys are going separate ways. So today.

I’m actually going back to Bucharest Stein has been travelling Europe for almost six months now, and it is coming to the end of his trip he’s going to be leaving Romania in about three days, and then heading back to Canada matt is just beginning his trip. So he’s got about six months ahead of him traveling all over Europe as well as India, and for me well. I’m going to London tomorrow.

So I’ve got a full day in London, and after that. I’m going straight to Ottawa which if you guys don’t already know is literally my favorite place in the entire world every summer Abby. And I go to her cottage, and we have the best time which you can only go up from here final day it’s been a great trip time good time in Romania we got lost too much every day of the trip we have just returned the Volkswagen up to Hertz rent-a-car here in Constanta major shout out to Emil guy was such a boss super helpful, and that marks just about the end of our trip this is my kind of cab there’s like two ten inch subs in the back also random fact the reason our cab was expensive last time is you have to check this out.

So this one’s a normal price this is 179. But apparently the reason our meter went up. So fast last time is that we went in a four lay per kilometer cab which is much higher than the typical rate.

But sometimes they’ll stand in front of the door to prevent you from seeing it. So what. I was trying to say.

But accidentally filmed in slow motion. I would kid we came back to the mall to grab this yesterday. I was charging my phone in the Starbucks.


I pulled out the USB adapter but I didn’t pull out the universal adapter. But it was worth enough that.

I want to come all the way back here to grab it we’re gonna get some breakfast say our goodbyes, and then. I’m going back to Bucharest hi guys hi, and unbelievable two, and half weeks boys did it big we did it big at Stein Eriksen snapchat time it’s fighting off signing off from mania mania 2018 unbelievable all right guys all right later, and just like that here what’s up guys we are back into grass for the third time in just over two weeks. And I’m gonna head to the Midland hostel again one of the things that.

I’ve learned while traveling is that people often label places as dangerous Romania was one of those places where. I got a lot of people being like Romania why would you go there isn’t it dangerous isn’t there lots of crooks it has a bit of a negative reputation for the wrong reasons today we were going through Constanta, and all. I could think was there is very little that separates this place from Vancouver in Canada the place where.

I lived the reason. I bring this up is. Because the only thing that’s dangerous is the mentality where we tell ourselves we can’t travel somewhere.

Because we’re afraid of the consequences there are very few times where that’s a valid excuse to not visit somewhere people are the same everywhere you meet awesome people you meet bad people it’s just a matter of choosing the right places, and being educated on where to avoid for the most part wherever you travel you are going to have an amazing time Romania Bulgaria has been just that we are back Oh yikes yeah well soon just crushed out blog number one time to get started in the second line, and go sit outside though. So I’m going to go find another coffee shop just to change the scenery of it. But this here is progressed, and it’s a beautiful day right now.

I’m just perfect temperature probably about 6 p.m. no.

I came all the way back here. Because I remember getting food here, and it was like pretty healthy it was like yogurts, and different meat platters, and stuff it is closed on Saturdays, and Sundays. So I’m out of luck dinner is served.

And I’m finishing blog number two here at this nice little restaurant it’s really good alright guys. So like two hours later. I am leaving the restaurant right now heading back to the hostel.

And I’m gonna get ready for bed. Because tomorrow is gonna be a really big day. So I’ve plans to meet with like six different people.

I don’t even know how. I’m gonna fit it all in. But like a lot of them are youtubers, and it is that beautiful time of the day just before the Sun sets also known as the golden hour alright guys sorry for the bad lighting.

I am currently in the hostel. And I’m just about to go to bed it’s like 10 p.m.

But. I’ve got a really early morning. I need to be up in about 6 to 7 hours.

So that. I can catch my flight going to London tomorrow is going to be an awesome day in an even better blog. I will see you guys tomorrow have a good night, and let’s get lost again tomorrow fun of the day yay please.

So fast like what a bright light lands on my shaking Rose man maybe you. So poor no son you don’t want to go up get a no fun. So when.

I get.

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