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Show me some don’t let this em away when I was just kidding.

I didn’t say every young attains think of me whenever you’re afraid a leave this world behind. So live a life you will remember my father told me when I was just a child these are the nights never died my father you thank your feet whenever you’re ready behind, I’ll be good hey my name is crystal Blanc, and this is my seven-month adventure the next 10 minutes give you a small glimpse of what it’s like to travel it shows you the events in the same order that they occurred, and it gives you a small taste of the nine countries.

I was able to visit on January 3rd 2018. I moved to Bangkok Thailand to complete my last semester of university on exchange moving to Bangkok was definitely not an easy decision it was extremely nerve-wracking to think about leaving my friends my family, and my girlfriend behind for several months not only that. I didn’t know anything about Asia.

I didn’t know what to expect from the food the culture the climate. But at the same time that’s exactly what attracted me the place. I knew that.

I wanted a complete change of lifestyle from Vancouver Canada, and that if. I wasn’t making a challenging decision it probably wasn’t the right one one of the coolest things. I did while traveling was film, and record every single day from there.

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I would take the footage, and create daily posts giving a quick recap of what. I was up to this is known as post blogging or blogging when I first started blogging it was simply.

So that. I could keep my own memories, and share my trip with friends, and family. But to my surprise within a month of blogging.

I had tons of people. I had never met commenting on my posts, and thanking me for them it felt really rewarding to be able to share a piece of the world with them one of the most exciting days of my entire trip was March 1st, and that’s the day my beautiful girlfriend Abby landed in Bangkok after facetiming, and skyping for two months we were finally reunited naturally our first trip was to take advantage of the beautiful southern islands of Thailand our first island was koh lanta followed by koh pipi which is commonly known as one of the most beautiful islands in all of the world having already been in thailand for almost two months. I was able to show Abby the lifestyle delicious street food in the day, and questionable alcohol served in a bucket by night everywhere we went Abby.

And I had two massive backpacks strapped to ourselves it’s definitely not the most glamorous way to travel. But it’s by far the best you won’t find another situation in your life where it’s easier to meet people most of the friends we met along the way we’re met in hostels trains buses, and places we would have never expected the second you see someone wearing that oversized backpack you can almost guarantee you’ll have something in common look at that view. I’m gonna kiss mommy this guy are you this was one of the best things in my entire trip Songkran also known as Thai New Year for three days the Thai people go crazy in the streets getting buckets of water, and water guns, and shooting each other until they’re soaked whether you’re seven years old or 80 everyone is in the streets, and has this massive smile across their face, and there’s literally no better place to be in the world hyaline is an incredibly diverse country it’s got the massive cityscape of Bangkok the beautiful southern islands, and the incredible mountain range of the north this is.

So amazing. I was there nearly four months. And I still have.

So many things. I want to go back, and see Oh one of the most rewarding experiences was definitely going to the elephant sanctuary in northern Thailand. I’ve never met a more relatable, and intelligent creature each of the elephants had their own unique personalities especially the little one named naughty boy after months of living the backpacker lifestyle we took a few days off you our next stop was to my favorite island of all hotel but.

I was one of the most beautiful islands as well as it has some of the best nightlife. I was only in quilt aisle for three days. But it was long enough to get my PADI dive license, and to realize.

I will definitely be back after koh tao we flew back to bangkok for the last time, and said are difficult goodbye to thailand as sad as it was to say goodbye to thailand we were met with open arms by the philippines arguably my most memorable experience of all of my travels was when we met these people right here Abby. And I were half asleep heading south on a bus when all of a sudden ten extremely loud people got on at the time. I wasn’t too impressed all.

I wanted to do was sleep but I realized very quickly. I wasn’t gonna get any sleep while they’re singing caylor’s with one seat behind me.

So we started talking to them, and next thing we knew we spent the next three days exploring the Philippines with them they showed us the things that only locals would know about they showed us how to get accommodations for under two dollars they cooked us a traditional meal, and they sang karaoke with us till 6:00 in the morning. I cannot thank them enough for showing us the Philippines like it was meant to be seen one of the things. I learned while traveling was that the best experiences don’t come planned, and they happen when you have an open mind we will travel in longtail their palm trees waiting for the summer no.

I’m happy the Philippines was an absolute dream. I fell in love with the people the landscape. And I know this will be one of the first places.

I come back to visit before. I left on my trip. I would tell friends, and family about the idea of going traveling for seven to eight months, and almost all of them would say the exact same thing they would say that sounds like the trip of a lifetime or you need to get that out of your system, and for a long time that’s exactly what.

I thought too. I thought. I’m gonna go traveling for seven to eight months.

I’m gonna come back, and be ready to start working full-time, and that’s what. I did when I got back.

I started working full-time at a corporate job that many would deem their dream job or the guarantee to financial success, and job security. But for some reason financial prosperity was not waking me up in the morning every day was a struggle. I couldn’t find the motivation at work.

But as soon as. I get home. I would be editing photos, and posts for hours on end this never felt like a job to me it wasn’t much longer until this became a dilemma that.

I thought about every day do. I leave behind a prestigious job that guarantees financial success or do. I pursue an uncertain career with a path that is totally undefined two weeks ago.

I made my decision. I handed in my resignation. And I terminated my lease.

I had. So many reasons to stay at my job but I could no longer deny the fact that my passion was elsewhere for almost seven months.

I saw what that passion looked like. I was able to find what. I loved what.

I was good at, and what. I want to do for the rest of my life magical animals 2018 is going to be a big year. I will be returning to Asia to see what more this beautiful continent has to offer, and, I’ll be daily blogging the entire experience.

I’m not just going to be blogging my travels, I’ll also be blogging the entire process of making this a reality this project is so much more than just a reason to go travelling again it’s also a daily documentation of what it’s like to step out of your comfort zone, and to pursue your passion my passion is traveling, and being able to share with the world. But whether your passion is becoming an entrepreneur or the world’s best soccer player the message is the same you have to be willing to cut out all the excuses from your life willing to try the thing that no one else is doing, and this is definitely a scary process.

But it’s one that has great reward. I’m fully aware that this trip will come with its ups, and downs its difficulties, and it’s amazing moments but. I’m confident that at the end of the day this will be the best decision.

I could possibly have made oh sweet. I have two goals over the next year the first goal is to become financially sustainable by sharing the world with others, and this starts with you guys every time you guys share my post tell a friend about my blog you guys are getting me one step closer to achieving my dreams. I seriously cannot thank you guys enough for the support, and you guys are the reason that.

I’m able to do this project the second goal, and the most important goal is to inspire others to do the same this is a movement of unconditionally following your passion even if. I can inspire one person to step out of their comfort zone, and do what makes them happy. I will see this project as a huge success.

I can already say that this has been the best decision. I’ve ever made. I wake up motivated in the morning to undertake this massive project.

I have no idea how, I’ll afford it how will make it work. But what. I do know is that.

I’m doing something that. I absolutely love, and success will surely follow in a sense. I’ve retired at the age of 22 years old.

Because I will never work another day in my life as long as. I’m doing something that. I love, and to me that’s the ultimate dream.

So I will.

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