KOMODO ISLAND Sailing Indonesia

Interesting loora loora looral argue it’s time to get aboard the boat all right. So we’re buckling down the boat.

Because right now we’re about to head into a storm brace yourselves the storms are coming like the coolest thing ever right now right now we’re going for a storm, and like such a peace, and serene feeling right now like a cool breeze being blown off the ocean. I’m napping right here we’re all just low speed ahead captain there is no one here guys look where we are right now guys this is the Komodo Islands like when I say there’s nobody here there’s nobody here check out these mountains these are pretty much the only kind of mounds.

I’ve ever seen looking like this, and this is home to the Komodo dragons as well as some other lethal animals that will kill you in a heartbeat. I never in my life expected to see that we have the entire Komodo Island to ourselves we’re currently the only boat here. I mean.

I don’t quite understand it the only thing that makes sense is that the Komodos have killed everyone right as. I’m looking around here. I spot this guy what is that what is you think it’s a boar my gosh guys within about two feet of being inside the Komodo National Park there’s deer right there there.

And I see one down there he’s just out here trying to survive look at him those are some testicles, and right in there is another boar, and this little pig you into the market don’t get eaten by the Komodos careful watch your back but I wouldn’t hang around them much. I heard they’re a couple of boars all right guys.

I don’t recommend trying this do not do this at home kids but. I’m an expert. I’m going to touch a dragon god you got angered him it’s time to go what’s it like having a 24/7 comedian around.

I wouldn’t know man all right we found our first Komodo dragon right there scaly no it’s over there duplicate Ares look at the look at Ares look at areas. So the duplicate areas. I like how uses the designated sidewalk not breaking any rules just here to obey the law can he turn around quickly yeah that’s good yeah he looks like.

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So slow, and lazy. But don’t underestimate his agility. So Josh.

I don’t know about you but I don’t really stand for this blocking off sidewalks you gonna go move him. I wanna move is move him.

But little scared depends belly oh it’s coming for you who we’re truly a walking among monsters areas just thinking to himself. I should buy a boat simple pleasures in life just about here’s a komodo, and right there there’s a very skeptical plague it’s like. I don’t know if.

I should come over here. I don’t think it’s worth it yo. I don’t think.

I’m gonna come. I stay or should. I go it’s always taste tasty you’ll happy when on my knees.

So our guide was just telling us that there’s actually 1600 people living here in Komodo Island they get all their power using generators basically sixteen hundred of the ballsiest people you’ve ever seen don’t know if. I would want to live on an island infested with a massive monsters for all the conservation fees. We’ve paid you would hope the beach would be a lot cleaner.

But they don’t really take very good care of it here, and come on to Island just too bad he’s got a fish tied to the end of his stick, and the Komodo is very interested heading out from Komodo Island, and lo. And I were just talking about what we thought of it. And I I totally agree with Abby’s point that Rin Schell was very similar to what we saw here.

So is it worth coming all the way at extra to Komodo Island. I don’t really know not not based on this if it’s worth spending the extra money, and coming their way it will be decided upon tomorrow’s activities. But basically wrench on Komodo Island were very similar in offerings is basically like seeing the same thing just in two places.

But nonetheless we did get to see the absolutely incredible moto dragon now we’re off to this guy has his life figured out look at that he’s just got this inflatable little couch thing he’s just chillin. I think with the Sun it’d probably be more pink dot – this is our final destination of the day right behind me here is a off point Beach it’s called the big beach. Because it’s supposed to be pink.

I think it has to do more of the lighting right now that the Sun kind of set. And So you’re not getting love like kind of radiating off of it. I’m hoping that tomorrow morning we’re gonna see a really pink beach.

But right now it’s kind of like the peachy Bobby Jon mom, and she’s gonna jump she said she. I heard it we all heard it Abby Long John you sure you really want to do it more are you sure you don’t have to backflip. I mean you can just start with a dive not jumping now now that we recorded you don’t want to jump she’s all talk all talk no walk Kathleen a cat the moment.

We’ve all been waiting for Abby’s triple backflip off the roof no pressure the Sun cameras are down okay if you undo it back for us -. I know. I’m back go look go go job this is the worst actress ever this is crazy this is insane guys this is exclusive footage of Canada ah that was wild.

I give it a ten out of ten we dare not be afraid with water right here right this arcs good a shirt. I decided to do a dive flip. I like it a hybrid this is our night we’re just gonna be hanging out here on the water relaxing.

I don’t think. I’ve ever done a night out oversee not like this at least it’s kind of nice to be like totally disconnected my phone doesn’t work here there’s a crew just-joan the chilling hard wow it’s like a red, and forego behind the mountain pretty cool stuff it’s not everyday time to move the boat though. Because it’s a choppy area we’re in right now.

So we got to move to a calmer water, and we’ll be back here first thing in the morning there’s nothing. But pitch black out here guys, and the moon is just behind those clouds there all right guys. I’m gonna Dan to the blog we’re going to bed now.

But we got to get up in like guys go to bed now we got to get up at like 5:30 to catch the sunrise. So come tonight, and let’s get lost again tomorrow what’s up guys this is a blog insert from the future if you’ve made it this far. I can safely assume you are one of the dedicated viewers.

I just want to add a little peace. Because there’s recently been a change on my blog you’ve probably seen all the big youtubers are currently stressing something more than ever, and that is the thumbs up button now. I hate that my blog has made this a thing.

Because I like just making content, and letting people either leave the thumbs-up or not whether they want to. But what. I’m saying to you guys is this is now the way to decide how well a blog does.

And So I’m coming to you guys saying guys when you watch my posts there’s a lot of you guys who don’t like to come. And I totally understand that. But one of the things.

I would hope you guys can passively do is to leave the thumbs up whether or not it was my best post ever every time you leave the thumbs up you are directly helping this blog you’re helping these posts be seen by other people. And I really appreciate everyone who does that, and when you guys comment you are making a massive difference it’s also a great way to get to know you guys you guys are ultimately what makes this blog. And So when you comment.

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I love you guys thank you so much please leave the post big thumbs up. And I also wanted to add too if you guys are Canadian viewers, and I.

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