Morning guys day 2 Songkran. I don’t have as much energy this morning for obvious reasons last night was super fun we went to route 66, and drank, and danced, and shot water guns, and threw buckets of water on people it was just so much fun today is day 2.

And I’m only safely out here with all my electronics my backpack. Because early on in the morning. But later today this road will be congested again this is the same road that yesterday was just packed but.

I guess people are a bit slow today to get out thank goodness at the moment. I’m not excited to get soaking wet. But it’s only a matter of time till that happens it’s gonna be really good day just took like a 20 minute taxi to come to camp cherry square.

And I am keeping my fingers crossed that the true cafe is open. Because I want to do work for the next five six hours. I’m gonna go grab some lunch.

I just did a bit of editing Skype flora, and also we are figuring out our Philippines itinerary, and pretty much finalized it today. I’m on a ramen binge more ramen Thai people clearly love Japanese food. Because there’s probably like five Japanese restaurants in this small little mall no extensive research that was a power work session.


I sat in that coffee shop for like six hours. I got a lot done which is great. But some con is today.

And I’m only going to be catching the late end of the song cron nonetheless it’s going to be really good night we’re going to that massive concert that. I was at yesterday, and it actually fell through. Because after we got our tickets we couldn’t get in we didn’t have our IDs with us, and in Thailand you hardly ever get ID’d.

So I never carry it around, and probably only an hour wait til sunset at least the blog that. I just pumped out is really good. I’m really excited about it’s called fantastic day in Bangkok, and that one took me a while to edit probably took me about three, and a half four hours.

So definitely a longer one but I think it was really worth it let’s hope that. I can get the meter hello Hassan Road instead of going on the sidewalk.

I’m going on the road I’d rather get hit by a car than get my laptop away risking my life. So far. So good almost at the hospital not even a drip of water.

I made it back without getting a single jerk all right we just left the hostel we’re gonna go get Ronnie, and we’re going to s2o which is a really huge festival. And So it begins. I got touched with the mud stuff.

I’m dirty again time to get the supplies were they being my last night in Bangkok. I got to finish it off in style get my last toasty before leaving Oh double bail we just took a taxi Ronnie Mitch Matt we’re ready to party we like party anyway we’re taking the bikes that’s gross where is the anyone now. I learned a lot in the Hajj of Boca Grande Romero yo what’s your Instagram username we’ll get back to you if you won’t have one more song good night.

I’m not a huge fan of EDM anymore like what were some one really good night all right. So slightly risky. We’ve had cooked chicken, and like check it on two different vendors on the street, and super cheap.

But it’s also a gift we’ll take a risk you have a good song time this is the aftermath of song fun it literally looks like post apocalyptic. I clean up quite well. So it won’t be an issue in the morning.

But right now it’s disgustingly dirty here. So foul okay. So it’s actually quite impressive walking further up the road like further east there’s.

So many street cleaners, and the road actually looks quite good guys back at the hostel this is my very last night in Bangkok. And I’m actually selling this GoPro to Matt. So this is the last time.

I blog with his GoPro Bangkok Thailand all has been. So amazing. So glad.

I came back here for my second time. I love Thailand so much.

I will 100% view coming back to Thailand very soon guys this is the end of the blog for tonight tomorrow. I will be in Manila Philippines. I’m super excited.

I’ve actually never been to Manila outside of the airport. So I’m stoked see you guys tomorrow remember you will you don’t let you.

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