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Hey from Celaya resort we are in Cebu City for our first day here.

So right now Abby. And I are heading over to the breakfast good morning. So so this is the sandbar resort, and sandbar has two different hotels as the BEST WESTERN, and the Celaya we stayed in the celaya we just wandered over here, and it looks like they have a like a man-made lake here you have kayaks you can borrow reclining chairs over there you could definitely get some good Instagram goal photos here a cool infinity pool overlooking.

I don’t know if you can swim over there you can see the ocean think it’s a lagoon, and it should definitely be mentioned that they’re just going through a soft opening right now. So there’s definitely a lot of construction going on here, and there will be officially opened in June we’re going to SM Mall which is in Cebu City. I’m going to get a haircut cuz my hair is bit crazy.

So we are at seafoods biggest mall or at least. I’m led to believe it’s called SM Mall, and we’re gonna get a few things done. I need to buy a second hard drive.

Because right now. I have everything on one hard drive if that hard drive broker got stolen. I would be screwed our taxi here you know it’s.

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So cheap. So you can’t be too upset. But the guy tried to rip us off like he tried to basically over double the price by saying an 800 flat fee to drive us SM Mall even had it on his little phone it said like 800 it kind of looked professional.

But it was a scam. Because behind his the Sun Visor was the meter he was trying to hide the actual cab meter we started. I confronted him he liked to beat her down.

I was like. So annoyed they should ripped me off at the end – when I was just like my bargain dollarz.

I’m like it doesn’t even matter we’re going to get a few things done, and then excited that’s once a girl laughs, and there’s our little avid traveler exploring forever21 Philippines if you can see in the driving footage Cebu is definitely a bit of a rugged city it’s not the most scenic that’s for sure we passed by tons of different like open sewers, and uncompleted construction. And Because the elections coming up these streets are littered in election paper it’s also commerce that goes on when cars are stopped in traffic. And So people will be selling mangos they’ll be selling cigarettes we also had a couple of bagger kids come up trying to clean the window, and ask for money like a lot of the Philippine cities you know there’s high concentration of people, and not a whole lot of money here time to get a haircut that was the best haircut.

I’ve ever gone. I’ve got a huge line inside my head it’s a little little longer, and a little wider than. I’m used to.

I do sometimes get a line put there but I do like it he did an amazing job he clipped my hair he massaged my back did one of his very sharp blades which he liked detailed deciding with like he killed it, and that was for u.s.

Dollars two hundred pesos for all that like would heal it like. I left him a huge tip because. I’m like.

I can’t get over how cheap this is, and how much quality that was in the service. So really impressed you guys need a haircut maybe wait till you get to the Philippines go to Bruno’s barbers. I was blown away telling you guys the guy had the hands of an angel probably shouldn’t say that out loud.

But there she is my little shopper Ella what do you think for my liking. But otherwise he alright guys. So this is like the McDonald’s of the Philippines instead of a creepy clown they have a very friendly looking beef his name is jolly.

I think advertising like sour cream fries, and cheesy fries we’re going to get sour cream. I’m gonna get cheesy from a North Americans perspective it’s pretty funny they have fast food steak, and rice they have spaghetti hotdogs deep-fried chicken they love you fried chicken they have deep fried chicken with spaghetti. So that’s big steak, and rice.

I thought the lady was carrying a tray full of burgers they’re actually rice it made rice patties, and they holding them up, and little takeaway things just like a burger would be at McDonald’s wild it’s so painful here. I am the Jollibee not feeling whatsoever jolly actually a very big mall here alright.

So we’re in the electronic section looking for an external hard drive let’s go in here everyone’s crowding around to watch the NBA. I guess there’s a game on we’re going to get me a stranger. So I can do my hair, and you can’t use less voltage over, and over you can straight there nothing just bought a overpriced harddrive.

So a 2 terabyte hard drive unfortunately it’s like twice the price here in the Philippines. I don’t know why. But paid like 150 Canadian which.

I guess is like 120 u.s. So a little expensive but.

I need it, I’ll be backing up all of my data putting it on this one, and then actually shipping it home Priority Mail making sure it’s safely secured at home all right. So we’re heading downtown right now we just left at Sam Hall, and on the back of a GP. So we took a jeepney going who knows where, and we got off who knows where where basically we want to use a tiny bit of the money you guys are given to give back to people who look like they could use it, and generally speaking.

I don’t want to use the money to go proactively search for people who look like you know they’re begging or they need money for the most part. I want to give that money to people who. I come across on the day-to-day, and you know they have a great story or you can just tell that they’re truly in need of the money.

But today you guys have given us 300 u.s. dollars we want to kind of start off by giving back a little bit.

So we’re going to go to the Shell gas station see what we can pick up whether it be food drinks, and see if we can’t make someone’s day a little brighter what’s your name Chris Murray Chris marine. So if you could pick any candy what would you get yes yeah what anything you’d want what would you want yeah almost anything yes okay perfect sounds good well let’s get you that would you like one all right it’s on us we would like to treat the one you look like you could use a nice snack break yeah what would she like this okay perfect oh okay thank you have a good day we will bye-bye we walked into the shell, and she greeted us she’s like hello, and welcome to shell. I hope you’re having a great day she was.

So nice her name was Chris Murray anyways we’re gonna go walk. We’ve got a bag full of chips, and drinks, and stuff like that we saw a few people who are just kind of like sleeping on the side of the road. So we’re gonna go bring the two chips hello hi guys you guys you guys want chips oh yeah we brought extra we have too much food you guys want some me will be bought at some extra food you guys won yeah there you go bye-bye enjoy have a good day bye you can share this with your brothers you’re welcome have a good day bye guys.

So this is basically an informal setup of where some people are living, and as you can see here it’s nothing glamorous hello do you guys do you like chips yeah bye bye guys like chips you guys can share those cookies, and do you got who likes chips you like chips alright there you go you guys can share share with all your siblings thank you you’re welcome Brad. I just made a bunch of kids days they all ran off, and they’re like. I had stuff to share.

But you could tell if one of the girls who had the cookies like ran away. Because she is probably wanted to eat them all to herself. So altogether this has cost us about ten dollars maybe twelve dollars we have a couple of things left it was just kind of for fun to try it out see how people react.

We’ve never really done this we’re going to the hotel you know the one that has all the lights on is at nighttime we’re at the crown Regency here in Cebu City, and this is probably the tallest tower in Cebu they’ve got like a roller coaster that runs around the outside track of the hotel. And I hope they have a view. I want to get some shots, and see the city from above when you add a study finds on your sleep.

But you don’t Oh say no one you know Oh you. I I learn you can see some lady who should not have been let up. So tonight we’re staying on Mactan Island which is that strip of land over there this is downtown Cebu area you can actually see basically a ton of slums right in this area very very basic homes that’s how majority of these big cities live, and just over there up in the hills.

I assumed there would be nice houses. I’m not too sure though. So that is a roller coaster you could take up here at the top of the hotel they strap you into the roller coaster, and then the seats go like this.

So you’re actually leaning over the top of the city kind of looks like you’re falling out one of the coolest things we did in Bangkok was the ghost Tower. And I’m pretty sure. I found the next ghost tower well it looks like they lost the zip-liner fairly well have a spring, and step on but.

I already get back, and it’s not a far distance at all traffic is. So so bad. But we’re back back at Celaya we’re gonna be hanging out here for the rest of the night just doing a bit of editing, and tomorrow we’re leaving Mactan we have absolutely no plans set.

So we don’t even know where we’re going yet we think we’re going to go north. But plans may change we need to figure out what Islands were going to where we’re going to stay all that stuff we’re leaving everything last-minute. But that could also leave some really good things.

So didn’t plan to do a day in Cebu City. But don’t regret it it was cool let’s go for a swim they’re beat along hi guys we have an announcement we did childish gin we’re doing a snapchat TNA. So set in your head you renounce your by the way crazy – okay um send in your questions we will answer that the apps, and via snapchat send them to lost applause.

But also as Abby oh you can listen to me which is the better snapchat account with more read whitey he’s gonna fly right there Larry Dwight you mean my blog that’s announcements send in your cues, and we Luca P alright guys Abby. And I are just supposed to go, and grab some dinner. So we’re reading a journalist right now guys haven’t seen his log they’re the funniest things ever to make fun of the way everyone else was gonna do it.

So perfectly it’s the funniest thing. I’ve ever seen like. I don’t watch other youtubers yeah.

I will watch every single thing he puts out, and he starts a balloon. So we did he did boy from remember it’s like you know how like blog mess, and then he started balloon soon. So you guys need to watch it if you’re into that like super dry humor we both like doing British humour British humor yeah.

So if you like the office think about our call about my dinner has arrived. I think should come scrapper good food here the BEST WESTERN you’re all frizzed out. I thought a stranger to me look we’re both about to go to bed it’s like 2:00 in the morning here, and we do plan to get up for the sunrise from the Soleil here we have a beautiful view of where the Sun will be rising.

But again that’s in like four hours not even that’s in like three, and a half hours. So realistically we’re not going to get up for it have a good night let’s get lost again tomorrow – bagel look learn the sky tree sky dreams treats for the sky.

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