Map of Riyadh

There is a huge difference between a traveler and a vacationer. While apparently the two may seem to be the same thing, yet they are worlds apart. A vacationer plans a trip to a given destination or a few places and adheres to a stringent itinerary. A vacationer also travels once a year and possibly twice. A traveler doesn’t have such an approach. A traveler is more of a vagabond, one who explores the world, rather than just witnessing it. A vacationer experiences a holiday. A traveler experiences the entire journey.

Traveling itself is exciting and life altering, whether it is within a country or beyond. International traveling has a more profound impact because a person leaves his or her comfort zone behind. But not everyone can become an international traveler. It requires some getting used to. More importantly, one needs to be aware of the various challenges of international travel.

Here are some tips every international traveler should follow.

Always be patient and accept that everything cannot be controlled. Don’t sweat over every little thing.

Always ensure that you have a long day, which means you should wake up early. No matter where you are, what you can do during the day is much more than what you can do at night.

Always carry cash. Not every place in the world will accept your cards. And carry local currency, as not every place will have a foreign exchange counter.

Indulge in the local culture and mingle with the people. The worst kind of traveling is getting somewhere and then getting holed in a hotel.

Always have a backpack. Carry essentials with you and have them on you at all times. Even if you lose your luggage, you would still have the essentials to keep you going till you have a solution. Also travel light as heavy luggage can slow you down and would make traveling inconvenient. If you have heavy luggage or some stuff that you need to carry from one place to another then hire companies like and send your luggage through couriers. You can send your luggage as parcel to Portugal, Spain and France or anywhere you are traveling to.

Stop taking photos and shooting videos before you have experienced something yourself. If it is a fleeting moment and you may not be able to capture it digitally, then too you must experience it first.

Don’t keep doing the math all the time. If you spend more on something, bring in austerity in something else. Life and traveling is not about manufactured harmony. It is about harmony in the disarray of things.

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