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So dreamy guys let’s try this again we’re here yesterday if you missed yesterday’s blog it was really good day in Tennessee.

But we came all the way to Graceland only to find out that was the one day of the week that they’re not open there’s that point here it’s like there’s no one here hello we would like to be your first customers of the day. So we bought her tickets we come back we just like to say. I found an abandoned plane here we don’t know why it was left here another abandoned plane Josh you see this.

I’m gonna get six million views. I’m gonna beat yours. Because you’re gonna title Elvis’s imagine plane that would be really good actually Rock wise we didn’t buy this building we didn’t buy tickets for the plane fun fact.

So that is actually Elvis’s old plane the tour came with an iPad. I’m thinking. I had just run away we are currently standing right in front of the king’s house Elvis Presley he bought this mansion right behind me here, and this is Graceland Graceland is the name of the mansion he bought it when he was 22 years old guys.

So you know some of us are just like trying to move out of our parents houses, and stuff, and then there’s none there’s this. But just absolutely incredible right now we’re going up to show you the craziest room this is the jungle room this is what he personally decorated he got kind of crazy, and creative with it hello mmm put your thoughts it’s really cool it’s like taking in time yeah. So you guys may not know much about Elvis.

Because like this is not our generation hearing all these facts kind of blew me away. Because I didn’t realize how big of a deal he really was he sold 1 billion records over his career he was in 30-plus feature films. So like a big big name on Hollywood for acting he was the first ever actor to be paid 1 million upfront for a film, and of course keep in mind that was back to the day.

GRACELAND – Elvis Presleys Mansion Photo Gallery

So that 1 million dollars you can multiply that by who knows. But it’s worth a lot more than a million it’s like basically going into a time warp it’s incredible. Because all of a sudden you go inside, and everything is from the 50s up to the 70s.

So Elvis actually passed away in that very same mansion when he was 42 years old that tombstone. I just showed you is actually where Elvis been buried. So kind of cool to be in such a historical place at one point in time he was the biggest name when it came to music even Hollywood one of the biggest names at every post that he’s been in has made money which is kind of like unheard of.

I mean just look at that face found like. I felt a natural charm when I watched him yeah he’s like very very attractive even from a very straight man you know.

I still found it like hypnotic to like watch him like the way he moved his swagger his way of like talking he’s just such a little guy yeah yeah that’s why it was such a world phenomenon. We’ve been told by like five different people we’re like well what should we eat in Memphis, and every was like you have to go to rendezvous. I don’t know what else would have brought us to Tennessee.

But we’re here. Because of Greyhound, and later tonight we’ll be taking a greyhound going from Memphis to Tennessee sorry Memphis to Nashville we’re already in we’re excited to show you guys how easy it is to get from city to city using a Greyhound bus, I’ll let you know if it lives up to the hype. But again Tennessee is a place that’s known for food, and one food in particular is their barbecue.

So right now we’re heading to a barbecue house by the name of rendezvous we’re just coming down this little alleyway the only way you can identify it is that sign right there Abby hates barbecue sauce. I’m so excited though yeah you look.

So funny good it’s not open till 4:30. But for some reason they’re like we can still serve your ribs over in here like you’re three hours early they’re gonna serve some ribs uh yeah. I just ordered a large rack of ribs look at this thing hand for scale oh my gosh Abby got the smaller one.

But hers is still massive destroyed the beans were. So good like probably even my favorite thing in the meal. But the ribs amazing Abby even liked them she doesn’t like ribs.

I know. I don’t. I don’t eat pork.

But under green really like see you later guys oh. I guess you’re mine now we’re right downtown at the moment there’s no sure that building a sign official no there’s no one here it’s so weird we’re gonna go now if you can find a coffee shop.

Because it’s not two o’clock, and we have six hours tonight, and how we’re going to the next scene that’s it kappa chief. I got a hazelnut latte, and Christian got a regular boring laughing. So in like less than five minutes we have basically checked in boarded the luggage is being loaded below the Greyhound, and we’re going to be getting from Memphis to Nashville in about three, and a half four hours.

So it’s gonna be a pretty easy trip tonight especially when you consider how long Abby. And I are used to flying taking a greyhound is this awesome option. Because first of all it’s relatively inexpensive it’s we’re affordable, and most of all my favorite thing of it all if you don’t have to deal with airport security Airport check-in it’s really casual we got here in five minutes.

We’ve checked it. We’ve loaded our stuff below the Greyhound, and we’re ready to go to the next city it’s going to take about four hours to go from Memphis to Nashville check out the whip with few hours later it’s like 12 o’clock right now, and we have now arrived in Nashville the Greyhound was a super easy way to get here like no way to get on immediately straight here it was an express bus there was a bathroom on board there was Wi-Fi if you guys are ever needing to get from city to city or province to province give Greyhound a look there always a great option, and we’re signing off let’s head to our hotel to stage guys check this lobby oh holy yo Jeremy more great sir this is amazing Wow holy crap are you kidding me wow this keeps going this is insane you’re staying at the Omni Hotel in like downtown central Nashville we have two bathrooms came with two girlfriends. I like that one better oh yeah.

I hope you guys have a wonderful rest of your day yeah beautiful. I don’t feel good always smile yeah don’t forget that special someone your specials, and huh yeah. So I’m ending the blog today in front of this amazing lighting.

Because it makes me look so much more magical, and it kind of hides the fact that. I’m very tired right now, and even bigger thank you for Greyhound they are the reason we’re here they’ve given us the opportunity to see Memphis, and now.

I’m. So excited to be showing you guys Nashville Tennessee strap yourselves in. Because it’s going to be a good time all right guys have a good night let’s get lost again tomorrow don’t cry.

Because it’s over smile. Because that Sun of the day yay.

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