Great Taco And Beer Pairings (I Lovetacos And Beer)

• Carne asada with Dunkel lager: The lager’s toasty, just-roasted malt flavor and refreshingly clean finish are perfect against the spice.

Great Taco And Beer Pairings (I Lovetacos And Beer) Photo Gallery

• El pastor with Pale Ale: This comes off a huge spit of pork, is carved like a doner kebab, and is excellent with a Pale Ale, especially one that’s heavily on the tropical-fruit side, to pick out the pineapple that tops the meat.

• Baja fish tacos with I PA: This is a classic San Diego brew and food combo, with the citrus in the hops bridging across to the fresh lime on the fish.

• Mission-style tacos and Saison: This dish of small, doublelayered corn tacos with grilled meats, chopped white onion, cilantro (coriander), salsa, and lime calls for a Saison that’s dry, lively, and feisty.

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