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I find it kind of funny find it kind of sad the dreams in which. I’m dying are the best. I’ve ever had, and it hard to tell you.

I find it hard definitely not as glamorous as a train whatsoever. I’m like stuck between five people at the backseat it’s just like really not good. I haven’t done any work.

But you know what you got a risks with the biscuit, and we didn’t quite get the biscuit today. But we’ll make it to coluche by the end of the day it’ll probably be about 8 p.m.

Just enough time to. I don’t know check in to our hostel maybe go out. So I want to take a second to give it quick thank you to my patrons there’s about 10 of you guys right now, and you guys are amazing.

I thank you so much you guys are the reason that. I’m able to travel to places like Romania this is a place where.

I’m not paid a cent to be here. But yet. I know that this makes for cool content it’s a part of the world where very few people have travelled, and very few people have ever shared it on social media.

Travel to Romania Photo Gallery

And So I see Romania as a cool destination to visit, and again this is exactly what the patreon is about it allows me to make the best content possible. And I think this is what you guys subscribed for in the first place all right back on the bus we get let’s do it looks to me like a hitchhiking success story fiber saw one we’re gonna make it. So I’m.

So hungry we even eaten ours, and it’s so hot we’re currently discussing who gets eaten. I think that things that ocula would definitely eat better to the bathroom beautiful surrounding nature owing it, and right over there the nuclear power plant five hours later we have arrived in Cluj all right we just made here with a bit of sunlight left, and now we’re going to check into our hostel.

We’ve been told it’s actually a really great one. So, I’ll get back to guy than that there’s an amazing salt mine that is somewhere in the city or outside of the tied up the hospital he’s going to drive to the hospital what a boss now we’re going to get some food to this one our VA this failed hitchhiker could use a meal when vandals get creative yeah. I can tell this is going to be an awesome few days clues looks.

So cool we just passed one of the most epic churches. I’ve ever seen with this huge horse statue in front of it you’ll see that eventually right now we’re here at what looks like Dracula’s hotel our cab driver was. So cool, and he spoke perfect English she was just telling us how there was a music festival that was here it just finished yesterday.

But it was basically 250,000 people here in the population of the city we’re in Cluj only 300 mm. So it has been crazy busy here, and there’s over a hundred thousand students that come to the city when they’re doing school which is not currently in session. But checked in cleaned off, and we’re heading out, and hit the this is.

So cool it’s called the Soviet little communism symbol there were hey this is my kind of place all right guys we all have to get the exact same drink yeah anyone hey got you got it yeah Jesus cuz communism son okay. So this is called Russian Roulette. I guess some of these shots are really strong, and some of them are only strong.

So you don’t know which one you’re gonna get alright, and this is the Stalingrad with eight different kinds of alcohol in here one for two okay. So there’s fifty two s, and there’s 80 s here’s hoping Cheers what do you think time you got needy oh alright after a little communist moment we’re going to what. I believe is called something the circus it’s a bar it’s a club into something it’s booming tonight the party started oh.

So I’m heading back a little bit earlier than Matt, and Stein they’re still at the bar. But tomorrow morning. We’ve got a really early one we’re heading to the Salt Mine which should be amazingly cool.

I said this in a previous blog. But when you guys leave a thumbs up it means a lot it really does a lot for the posts if you guys watch this fire please leave a thumbs up. I really appreciate it, and guys let’s get lost again tomorrow it’s a live what a miracle.

So this battery is busted. But this one seems to be working it might fall out of the sky sometime. But we got you down dude.

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