How to Travel in Washington

The end of a long and punishing day. Absolutely shattered. Feet are in tatters. I had tried to ease myself in. Turned into a 15 hour day. Still not quite finished. For those that are wondering about my feet, I think the toenails will be gone in the next few days. Thanks for all the support. At each rest stop I look at all the messages, the likes and the shares. Tomorrow sees us head to Washington. It will be another long day but this time will be all day in the saddle. Tomorrow is another day. #theadventurecontinues

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So, apparently you can’t cycle down the highway. Policeman said “you can’t ride down the highway man, you’ll get yourself killed.” Hitting the smaller roads now! Pressing great this morning! Feel much better. Legs feel good.

Day 2 finished. I’ve pushed as hard and as fast as I can today. We made some great time this morning until the police caught up with us. Cycling on the smaller roads is ok but much tougher climbs! Had a big blow out this afternoon with my rear tyre, which when pushing at 40mph is not a pleasant experience! Managed to change the tyre and get moving again. Very stop/start with traffic. We have had to drive to the RV site tonight so we will drive back into Washington early tomorrow and run past the White House. These have been two very long hard days. First ice bath tonight in the paddling pool! Currently have the ice packs just on my knees. Well done everyone on the likes! I think your goal should be 5000 by the time I hit LA! Apologies to those people who are being bombarded with shared posts and invitations to like the page!

Second day of running tomorrow, hopefully the weather is better! #beepic #run #cycle #america

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