Hey guys another day let’s get at it. So now that. I’m done my sponsorship proposal.

I’m gonna be sending it out to let’s see what times it’s 9 o’clock. I’m gonna send it out to at least five companies by noon. So my goal is to send it out to the elephant sanctuary in Thailand there’s actually like a place where you can go stay for like two three nights, and it’s a place where they really rehabilitate animals that have been abuse, and by animals.

I mean elephants. And So I think that would be the coolest thing ever to do it’s cost like hundreds, and hundreds of dollars. So if they’d allow me to come on media terms then that would be a dream, and there’s also an island in the Philippines where you actually have to be personally invited by the mayor of the island that would be something.

So cool to cover, and to go explore that Island. So I will be sending that mayor an email with my sponsorship proposal, and also something that’s pretty cool is two days ago. I got contacted by a PR company in Spain, and they’re working with a very very large Spanish chain of resorts, and they’ve got one in the Caribbean they’ve won, and put Punta Cana, and few other places in the Caribbean.

And So they actually want to send me there for seven days the only snag would be my availability. So we’ll have to see where that goes. But they want to send me anywhere from May to July.

And I am obviously gone in Asia in May, and in June. I’m doing GoPro stuff. So I’m trying to fit it in.

So that it’s probably around mid June, and hopefully July July would be ideal with that being said. I also asked if. I could bring my film assistant aka Abby Reid, and they said yes.


So that’ll be good could we just take a second to admire how beautiful this camera is. I have now sent out sponsorship requests to about 6-7 people now elephant sanctuary Sky Bar in Bangkok like three or four hotels in Bangkok. So getting the ball of rolling now on just mass-producing requests requests, and then also.

I sent out a request to the Marriott. But not just like our location. But the head office of the Marriott.

I called them got ahold of their social media team there’s a very strong chance that the head office of the Marriott will not even reply. But you know what in the one-off event that they do who cares it’s worth my time if. I can land something like that.

So, I’ll keep you guys posted how that goes. I’m gonna do another hour of this getting more, and more sent out, and from there. I’m gonna somehow find my way to the gym because.

I’m without a car today. So I’m kind of landlocked. I was 16 or 17 years old.

I cannot wait to move out of the house. I wanted to be independent. So bad.

But now that. I’m 22 years old, and moved back home life couldn’t be any better look at this do you really think. I was eating this when.

I lives on my own not a chance. I was eating crap dinner. I was eating spaghetti every day sometimes I’d have the determination to make myself something better.

And I would make myself some burnt chicken breasts this is much better mom, and dad haven’t tried to kick me out just yet. So we’ll see how long we can make it work something wrong with being 35 living at home. I almost entirely forgot about this.

So a company by the name of Taylor boardshorts emailed me didn’t ask for anything in return just said hey we’d love to set you up with some shorts let’s take a look some brand new orange kind of orange board shorts swaggy, and it comes here with this cool little bag. And I’m always using bags like this that’s awesome. So thank you to tailor board shorts, I’ll be needing these on my trip to Asia guys ready to spice up the blog vitamin D we don’t get enough Sun in Vancouver.

So my mom, and my doctor tell me the vitamin D is what we need to take it’s like the one vitamin that they say you have to take at least if you live here vitamin D the answer to a good or mind. I feel like. I’m in castaway.

I’m like stranded in this house. I have no vehicle it’s raining outside. I can’t walk to the gym stuck with these two dim bows it’s all he does just chills.

I’m about to head downtown. I’m hanging out with my buddy Connor tonight, and yeah okay this is next-level look at this you can literally see what they’re doing. I have never done this like.

I’ve done on my laptop for you to drag around. But being able to just move on your phone like reposition it’s insane like that’s pretty cool. I can see how this is the future though you put this on like virtual reality you look around you see what they see unfortunately with my blog well.

I tell you guys what’s look at you’ve no control here you’ve no power. I control this blog deal with it. But in all reality.

I can’t even imagine if you guys could see everything. I see like half the time. I’m like trying to hide something like sometimes.

I’m not even wearing pants when I’m blogging it would just be. I would lose control.

I remember. I almost posted my credit card number, and one of my blogs like three weeks ago. So for now this is what.

I like. I like having control you guys are looking this way. I didn’t do that to my face too much anyway.

I gotta get ready. I’m gonna be late already. And I’m always late alright my dad just dropped me off at the bus stop, and and downtown all aboard look at the skies today what a beautiful day.

I’ve been stuck inside all right drive downtown after about an hour, and a half worth of transiting, and my buddies now picking me up alright guys. I decided to come back late night instead of staying over at my buddy’s house. And So annoying.

I’m stuck here for the next hour. So the last bus. I guess.

I don’t know how on a Friday night there’s not more buses but. I’ve missed the last one. And I have a one hour wait now at the bus stop that man on the bright side the machine dispense two drinks when.

I paid for one still suck. I just got back it took me like two hours in a bit probably like two, and a half hours just ridiculous but. I’m finally home, and that’s gonna be the end of the blog for tonight.

So, I’ll see you guys tomorrow tomorrow Saturday going out for a friend’s party, and might bring the camera we’ll see see you guys tomorrow.

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