Everything what is up you guys my name is Kristian LeBlanc.

And I’m a daily travel blogger each, and every single piece of equipment in this post has been used extensively by me over the past year. And I’m only putting forward the best pieces of gear that. I know of this is not a sponsored post nobody is paying me to do.

So. But one of the ways you can support me. So that.

I can create more posts like this one is by buying all the equipment in the links down below no don’t don’t literally buy all of it. But buy the ones that you need through the links down below Amazon will give me a small commission based on sales. And I can guarantee you that you won’t find a better price anywhere else, and let’s get right into the post.

So you want to be a travel blogger well you’re in luck cuz. I’m a travel blogger what equipment are you going to use a travel blog needs to be equipped to go anywhere let’s take a look at my equipment to start you’re going to need a reliable bag let’s talk about the Manfrotto d1 the Manfrotto d1 rugged tough efficient, and sort of expensive your most important camera is gonna be a blogging camera. I use a canon g7x the flip screen is essential it allows you to make sure your face is always in focus, and it allows you to frame your shot you’re also going to want backup batteries.


I buy all my backup batteries on where you can buy them for like 30 percent of the price wasabi power is a great brand if you can find them. But pretty much any brand will work the second most important piece of equipment in your entire toolbox is going to be your b-roll camera, and this is what allows you to shoot all sorts of cinematics slow-motion high resolution footage let me show you what.

I use. I use the Panasonic gh4 it shoots amazing 4k quality, and slow-motion 96 frames per second in body which gives you killer slow-motion footage, and amazingly stunning quality. I also have two lenses the first one is a zoom lens the 14 by 140 which on a micro four-thirds camera is the equivalent of a 28 by 280 this allows you for incredible versatility while traveling you can get amazing wide-angle.

But also get huge telescoping 280 shots this allows you to zoom in on people who are unsuspectingly far away, and get hilarious shots ahh illegal sir my second lens is a 90 millimeter equivalent it’s a 45. But on the Micro Four Thirds camera you double it. So this is acting like a 90 millimeter which is too cropped in for my liking if.

I were to recommend having two lenses it would be a zoom, and a fifty millimeter with a low aperture get one around 1.7, and this allows you to get incredible bouquet that means background blur which isolates the subject that’s a really huge bonus if you want to take the best photos, and have really nice cinematic post quality without going into too much detail. I actually have a huge crush on the Micro Four Thirds cameras first of all it is.

So small this camera is not only competing. But it’s surpassing a lot of the Canon cameras which are easily twice the size now the micro 4/3 doesn’t only mean small camera it also means smaller lens. So this 14 by 140 zoom lens would actually be almost double the size had it been a canon camera or a Nikon.

So I have to say for a traveler who wants compact equipment Panasonic gh4 is an amazing camera for batteries. I also bought these on Amazon these are wasabi power, and they are a fraction of the cost. I recommend buying those my third recommendation is a camera that can take you to the skies for when you’re ready to take your blog to a whole nother level the DJI drone is really the only option there’s nothing that competes with getting a bird’s-eye view.

I had my best shots come out of this device here 100%. I’ve had two of them now why must the good duck there’s simply nothing that can compete with getting a bird’s-eye view, and if you have the finances. I highly recommend getting a drone.

I just recently upgraded after a crash. I used to use the phantom 3 advanced but. I’m now using a phantom 3 4k it shoots incredible 4k quality it gets good enough range for the average user, and it’s small enough that you can fit it in a bag like the Manfrotto d1 you’re gonna get a drone you’re probably going to want a second battery the DJI phantom zone Lee come with one battery a 25-minute flight time it doesn’t hurt to get another one my number one number for recommendation is to get a waterproof camera for when things are getting down, and dirty hey do deep into this character good you’re not big.

I also have a confession. I don’t talk like this that’s not who. I am this camera is all battery that’s why.

I buy back you know for GoPro I use a gear for silver, and honestly for the average consumer this is probably your best choice it has the back screen which is amazing, and it shoots 1080p quality if you really want 4k which is not necessary hero4 black. But this will do pretty much everything you need in addition to the GoPro you’re going to want a few other accessories that’s why GoPros could get expensive pretty quickly one battery is almost never enough. So go online you can buy aftermarket batteries on Amazon like.

I said before guys always buy batteries on Amazon you’ll save so much money. Because I have.

So much GoPro equipment. I can actually speak for what things. I use, and what.

I don’t for the most part you end up buying too much, and you don’t use half of it the first thing. I highly recommend this this thing is basically just a hand grip that allows your GoPro to use the water. Because well if you drop your GoPro it flows this here is another piece that.

I actually speak very highly of it allows you to clamp on to just about anything, and this attached with a gooseneck allows you to put it on scooters motorcycles other things. I recommend the clamp. I’ve actually uses quite a bit another accessory that.

I’ve been using every now, and then is the melt mount although this looks ridiculous it’s great. Because it allows you to get point of view shots where. I would never use a head cam head cam although it sounds like a great idea you look stupid, and it falls off the melt melt.

I trust myself to hold on to it. And I recommend it the final GoPro piece that. I have to recommend if you’re doing scuba diving is this red dive lens it can be a little expensive.

But it actually makes a huge difference it really takes your footage to another level you’re going to need a backup hard drive. Because with all this filming with the drone the B camera with the a camera you have. So many files.

And So much valuable information back it up securely buy a good hard drive Seagate is a great company. I’ve been using these ones for years now. I’ve got three.

I have roughly about six terabytes worth of backup storage. So as you can see we’re really pushing the bag. But it doesn’t end there.

I use a 15 inch MacBook Pro 2018 now my MacBook Pro is pretty souped up. I’ve got a gigabytes of RAM. I got 500 gigabytes of internal storage.

And I think. I have a 2.5 gigahertz processor.

I also have a souped up graphics card now graphics cards guys are very important if you can do a lot of post editing this computer even though it’s with 2018 which is two years old now it runs. So well. And So fast.

I compared it to my friends 2018 MacBook Pro 15 inch, and this thing killed his. So if you get a souped-up older version you’re going to do better off rather than buying brand-new versions that aren’t equipped to handle editing, and the case. I’m using is just an in case case if you’re going to be doing lots of editing you’ll be needing good headphones.

I highly recommend using these most in ear headphones. I find they’re the most comfortable, and they block out a lot of noise, and they’re very hard to be pulled out. So they’re super comfortable for long travels, and they rock to summarize my number-one recommendations are canon g7x gh4 a zoom lens, and this is a must in equipped MacBook Pro, and a waterproof camera.

But again guys to make it all possible you’re going to need a good bag, and as you can see here every little piece of equipment that. I just showed you was all inside of that bag. I’ve been using the d1.

And I have to say Manfrotto makes great equipment, and this bag is very well thought-out. I also put in chargers here extra batteries little other accessories you can actually pull these pouches out they’re velcro this parts velcro. So the entire bag can be pulled apart battery pouches you have zip here, and for the drone this is where the remote goes.

So there you have it guys that’s what. I have in my backpack, and the best part is it can all be brought on a plane. Because it fits inside that one bag, and they don’t even weigh that bag.

So if you guys are worried about bringing drones worried about being overweight. I mean if you’re overweight maybe check that out but. I’m talking about the bag the bag being overweight will almost never matter.

I’ve never had an airline outs to weigh my carry-on. So you should be good to go rock, and roll Lock, and Load if you guys haven’t already seen my stuff, I’ll be linking my playlist to my favorite blogs, and you can actually see how. I’m using this equipment firsthand hope you guys like the post make sure to throw it a thumbs up, and thanks for reading guys, and subscribe good bye, and see you in my next post my next blog check it out thanks yes no good no literally.

I’m Victoria good.

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