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Have you ever had a jaded feeling when travelling? Sure, it is great to see the world but what if you feel as though you never get to see anything different no matter where you go? What if you just can’t fit trips in?

It may be time for you to try and put some spark back into your trips. How will you do this? Well, how about using one of the following approaches to get a different view of the places you visit.

Make Friends with Some Locals

The most satisfying way of seeing a new city is through the eyes of the people who live there. If you make friends with some locals then you are guaranteed to get a completely different view of the place. This is easier to do in some cities than in others but it is definitely possible anywhere in the world you could think of going to. If you make some friends in a foreign city then you can find out its secrets, see what people eat in their own homes and get to see the places other tourists don’t ever get to see. In most parts of the world locals are happy to speak to a foreigner and if you are outgoing and friendly you could soon end up with new friends to show you around.

Take a Nano-Break

Many of us are very time poor. We hesitate from travelling because we are and weekends can’t fit a trip. It is all just too tiring. That was until now. With nano breaks you can get 2 full days with just a one night stay. A travel site called have a variety of destinations for which they offer special short breaks. They’ve even put a book together to help you find out more about what they have to offer. Why not take a look?

Get Off the Beaten Track

We hear a lot about getting off the beaten track but what exactly does it mean? To be honest, you don’t need to end up in the middle of the jungle or wandering aimlessly in the desert to get off the beaten track. If you stop for a second, look around and see that the tourists have all disappeared then you have probably achieved this. Of course, this can be a dangerous thing to do in some places, so it takes a bit of research in order to do it well. Even the biggest cities and most remote regions have parts that most travellers never get to see and often it doesn’t take much effort to discover them.

Do Something Different

If you want different results then you need to start doing something differently. If you have been taking a week’s break in the same hotel next to the beach for a long time then you are likely to have experienced similar trips every time. Why not go on a city break, try an adventurous break or head for the mountains? In a similar vein, if you always stay in a big hotel why not rent a villa, stay in a campsite or find some other sort of accommodation? There are many different ways to see the world, and just because you have always done it in a certain way doesn’t mean that it is the only way that you can enjoy it.

Take a Different Travel Partner

The person you travel with can make a huge difference to the overall experience. If you tend to go on trips with someone who has a similar personality to your own then you might end up continually having the same sort of experience. However, if you know someone else who loves travelling but has a different personality and tastes from you then the chances are that you will have be able to vary your trips by going with them. You could also try going in a group or travelling alone if you have never done this before. These are interesting ways of enjoying a variety of travel experiences and ensuring that you never feel jaded when setting off on a trip again.

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