Hunter Valley Wineries and Wilderness Small Group Tour

This post we’re outside of Sydney exploring the oldest wine region in Australia, Hunter Valley. While today is all about wine, it’s also a very rounded out Australian experience. Perfect way to kick off the day at the Wildlife Park. What’s neat is that we also get to meet some of the quintessential animals of Australia. Oh, oh, no, no. You are not patient. We’ll then head out through some of the more natural areas.

We’ll see some of the history of Australia and Wollombi. And then we’ll be into the Hunter Valley to taste some of the finest wines. First glass of the day, cheers. Cheers. There are over 120 different wineries throughout Hunter Valley.

Hunter Valley Wineries and Wilderness Small Group Tour Photo Gallery

And it’s known for its Shiraz and Semillon wines. Oh, sex in a glass. My favorite part of the day would just be coming out here to Hunter Valley, seeing a few of the wineries and just the people we meet on the turf and taste. It’s just pretty fun. You know what goes well with wine? Cheese, so we’ve made a stop here at the Smelly Cheese Shop. Lebanese style yogurt cheese. There are so many different things to taste and try. Time for lunch. So as we go through each course, we have a wine pairing that goes really well with that dish. With the salad, a Chardonnay. Cheese, chocolate, wildlife, and wine, this has been the perfect day in the Hunter Valley.

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