Yoyoyo from the six of Cebu City what up we are now leaving we were in this one hotel room for five days doing work this guy is selling back scratchers back scratcher they are scarcer my dad like every single time ago vacation to blog now. But yeah we’re going to Manila we are actually getting now headed to the airport we’re going to Manila for three days, and we’re going to my blog conventions, and training camps, and all that jazz.

I don’t really honestly. I don’t really know what the next three days will look like whatsoever. But it’s going to be fun, and you guys will be able to see it for yourselves because.

I’m helping recording it all right here is this close to a broken toe maybe not. But the guy was pulling forward we were getting out of the taxi, and he’s creeping forward as we were like getting our bags my toe wood under the tire. I started to feel pressure on it I luckily like pulled it out as quickly as possible what are you doing.

I love driving. So I don’t need. I’ve looked at the scene, and they kind of not home there is a candy isn’t she just the cutest backpacker you’ve ever seen look at our little bundle of joy someone commented once thing Abby’s looks really strong built like an ox look at this guys.

We’ve got an overachieving fountain they come on man how big wait what are we talking about right now. I didn’t get my joke a little bit of D&D a little Dunkin Donuts tree right it’s my bunwich don’t forget that it is. So hot here it’s like a sweat chamber we’re having a finger dancing competition throw a song, and you have to like interpretive Lee dance out the melody with your tooth pickers, and whoever dances the bass we vote on who has the best dance wins, and give 10 seconds to perform hey everybody.


But the guy Oh the game is evil now there’s hands, and play use your middle finger, and your ring finger, and you got your hands now oh my god the game is over welcome to the great land of Manila don’t know where we’re staying tonight. But we’re going to the passe area because. We’ve also been invited to a party with Philippine Airlines.

So we’re going to have an airplane party do magic key magic everyone’s like get on the plane like let’s get this thing up. I really shot shots pilot takes a shot with us that’s probably pretty good. But it’s a Tammy impasse which is.

I think like a business eatin ice area in Manila, and we’ll look purple tell around there came all the way out. So what we thought was the side turns out we’re in Tanana not which is the opposite side like we have driven an hour, and a half in the wrong direction. And So we confuse two hotels which are there’s two of them there’s one out or not one of us.

I our cab driver didn’t understand the differentiation. So we’re in the wrong side of Manila we’re going to be very late for this party kind of an annoying start to Manila by that’s fun doesn’t listen – beautiful sunsets hi guys an hour, and half later we’re staying here tonight Orem one long long day if you’re in Manila. But we’re going to be going to the Philippine Airlines event.

And I think we’ll probably catch the last hour of it this is great here we are Spacek it’s clean, and it’s air-conditioned we’re literally going to be showing up with like 15 minutes left of this party just telling Abby they’re gonna all look. I mean they’re all gonna be like why is he showing up. So late, and, I’ll be like.

I got lost you guys. I also have very dirty shoes from the slum tour yesterday that. I’m wearing to the party.

Because I got lost you’re gonna like oh yeah here comes loss Leblanc where was he this time lost in the marshes with half an hour to spare. We’ve finally made it here. I believe at the PNB Financial Center where.

I guess Philippine Airlines has their head office again again. I know nothing you ready to party mmm spoon scoob’s ready to get on that plane 30,000 feet up doing shots shots shots shots shots shots guys we pretty much missed the party we did miss the party this is Yoshiki no you’re cute. I want to introduce you he is the reason that we are hooked up with pal.

So thank you so much you’re gonna go grab some dinner now with him as well yeah we got a gift bag oh you’re totally blown out they are so you got a notepad what else is in there looks like some sweets it just beats in it, and there’s a bunch of other travel bloggers.

But again the party’s pretty much come to a close. Because we are stupidly. So we’re just leaving the building right now, and apparently this whole area is haunted something about people seeing spirits, and stuff here like.

I said there’s a huge ghost culture in the Philippines ara good blaster she’s been exorcised wait that’s not Abby. So I was taking her body run guys this is the Great Mall of Asia it’s one of the biggest in the world is it not the biggest in Asia a guys they have a giant Ferris wheel Abby did you see that security guards holding a shotgun, and forcing parking with a shotgun by a bank full sky 3 thought it made me happy what up. I’m with like six travel bloggers, and a lawyer, and we got two of these hi guys see you later guys.

I should be the official spokesman of uber. I mean. I am just.

So impressed with all the uber drivers. We’ve had all the vehicles. We’ve gone in are just.

So much better than caps here, and the price is identical. So if you guys are in Manila Puran anywhere in the Philippines it’s a big city use uber if we ticket a taxi. I would have been.

So sketched out though. Because it felt like we were driving down like an alleyway where you’d get mugged yeah these are Naru this is it like here’s your hotel. But like.

Because should be talking to us anything like this is scary. But we just took a different a different road, and we’re staying at Will’s place tomorrow night. So lots of cool stuff to come you guys see you in tomorrow’s blog let’s get lost again tomorrow thumb of the day yay Oh.

So this is why we’re giving them fishing nets, and string. So they can fish out of here guys this is one of their food sources.

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