Shake my head.

I felt better another beautiful day here in Bulgaria we have had nothing. But beautiful weather that’s not does not look like what we’re staying in unfortunately that looks like a palace we’re staying in a hostel. I’ve been up for like the past two hours is like 10:00 right now.

And I’ve just been doing tons of emails started my edit for the day, and as dine last night didn’t come out with us. I don’t know if you saw that blog. But he seems like he got food poisoning which really sucks probably like an hour before we were supposed to head out he’s just like literally sprinted to a bush, and like threw up projectile vomited like on the way there, and that went on for like a couple hours.

So he just wasn’t able to come out with us unfortunately. I’m hoping he’s feeling better today. I haven’t seen him yet.

Because this is 10 a.m., and Stein is alive yeah he didn’t sleep last night he was thrown up hugging the toilet but.


And So three amigos courageously fight back it’s food poisoning pushing our wills to survive nesib ah it’s a little city further cell from here. I don’t know how far it is. But can do a little day trip we’re all matching – wait wait wait our trip can only go up from here alright.

So we are in Nessebar, and this is one city down further south from sunny beach they have a Pirates of the Caribbean aqua park this is a very traditional Bulgarian location I blew through my one gigabyte of data in a day. So I’m going to go top up real quick just got some fresh nectarines here from the local market what else will you might be a little soon to judge but I think.

I could live in Bulgaria like after being here for almost three days seems like a very livable place we were over there yesterday. And I looked across. And I thought there’s something that looked like Alcatraz turns out we’re here.

So there’s like a connecting bridge this is the old town of nesebar, and we’re going to get the car right. I didn’t know it was you. So right now we’re just checking out the old town, and we’re gonna find yourself some brunch about to get run over by a scooter one interesting thing.

I’ve noticed about all the Bulgarian menus is they tend to include how many grams are in the food which is actually pretty cool price, and the amount of food you get makes sense to me. I just had someone comments on my Instagram being like you should check out nesebar, and it’s literally the place we’re at right now, and she also said that this is actually a UNESCO heritage site. So smells of power knowledge right now Stein ain’t got no knowledge.

I ain’t got no power today’s blog is brought to you by poor sick son you could do a campaign. I think, and the meal has arrived. I’m.

So excited for this thank you sir oh my gosh that looks great wow that looks really good this is another place add on to the list you’re coming to Bulgaria make sure to check out the net bar old school old school make sure to check out in the old town in nest bar Matt was just saying looks like Tartaruga like that coastal Pirates of the Caribbean feel alright we’re heading out from Old Town, and we’re just going to go like 30 minutes south we don’t know what’s there but. We’ve got a car, and we want to explore a little. So we have driven about probably 35 40 kilometers south of sunny beach, and signs currently sleeping in the car he’s not feeling well still.

But we are in Burgos, and we’re gas is a straight-up Bulgarian city like this is not the tourist hub that sunny beaches. So we want to see a bit of both, and we’re doing a little bit of sightseeing probably be here for about an hour to check it out okay after walking around. I got to treat myself it’s kinder surprise Toblerone Snickers Oreo, and bounty bounty would be really good.

So I just got some Kinder Surprise. I wouldn’t call it ice cream it’s kinda like almost like a gelato. I don’t know what I’d call it.

But it’s really really good as you can see Burgas does not have trains going by does not have horse-drawn carriages it’s much more chill, and mainly the locals here. I would assume it’s really really pretty we hung out by the pier there just kind of walking around the scenic parts of it. And So far.

I’m very impressed with all of Bulgaria. But Fergus is beautiful. So cool this is the boat for the movie hitman hitman.

So I saw someone just ripping around their drone. And I wanted to go, and test out the battery in my drones to see if the rain killed the drone or just killed the batteries anyways he had a phantom force. So I can’t try it out but.

I got to talking with him, and he actually works with tourism boards making posts with all of his cameras including his drones when I meet other camera heads like it’s such a conversation like just talking about what gear were using, and like it’s almost like a slang like most people outsiders would have no idea what the heck we’re talking about. But we’re talking about like Gimbels cameras all these different specs a nerdy pleasure of mine.

I love talking about cameras did anyone try to break the windows trying leaving your dog in the car trip can only go up from here we’re back in sunny beach, and we’re heading to the hostel now. So far our thoughts on sunny beach, and the hostel are fairly mixed. I mean for us to have gotten out, and seeing real Bulgaria versus sunny beach it was a nice change this is very much a young party place it’s really trashy it’s really tacky.

But you know it has its place if you’re looking to go out have a good time this can be it, and hex boards normally when I film, and blog something in a day. I know when the blog is gonna be really good.

But this is one of those blogs where it wasn’t a crazy day or anything. But the footage. I got, and the way.

I put together made it a really good blog it’s the one where we sleep in a car, and get locked in a soviet hotel’s basement posts uploading, and now. I’m gonna go challenge Matt in some table-tennis. So apparently Matt’s quite good.

But see well let his skills do the talking not the body tonight you’re still gonna talk the talk or what do you think quick update it is currently six two in favor of moi that’s doing his best. But he just can’t keep up lightning hands. So.

Because of the conditions we had to shut down the game it’s too windy outside. I think is that a night to be he came back for me to. I was up ahead by my six points it’s the first one to 11, and yet to win by two points, and somehow.

I blew it. So let’s not talk about it don’t really have anything to say just want to say hi. I’m in a great mood right now the weather is beautiful.

I do miss blogging on this thing. I miss the days where things were simpler. I didn’t have to worry about aperture didn’t have to worry about exposure didn’t have to wear it my face was in focus which is a severe issue with the canon g7x you’re probably starting to wonder why am I wearing another american shirt the shirt wasn’t free with a country that stands behind it it’s 100% free nearly northern England what’s up guys.

So it is like like 12:30 right now, and we are finally heading out we’re going to check out the strip here in sunny beach Bulgaria let’s see what. I do show me what to do. So tonight it seems quite quiet it’s a Wednesday night.

So even though this is sunny beach Bulgaria which is known partying. I guess it is just totally dead tonight thank you sir for two US dollars we got this big boy. So I’m you getting this yeah.

So I really wants a personal pirate photo. I think you’d really rap that hard it’d look really good in your mural I watch the club’s in there. But this is where bass at one of the things that makes travel.

So much fun is that you have to have the right attitude. Because you’re not always going to get the best place in the world. But it’s how you take it, and sunny beach is one of those places that it’s not the best place in the world if you have the right attitude you can make the best out of anything, and suddenly beach has been a really good time in that sense all right.

So they’re up to their antics if you hang from that for two minutes you get two hundred Liev when you’re hanging dead straight like you can’t flex at all it’s actually much harder. So the best. I could do is like 45 seconds this two minutes it’s like almost impossible now there’s another game going on here if you kick all the cans down you get 50 leva roughly 30 $32 is he feeling brave is he doing it all he’s doing it he’s.

So brave you almost made it. So the sunny beach landfill is also here you got your punching machines your pizza life’s good never mantra oh that’s a deal you can do it hey you got this Wow Matt your question you have fun questions are you quiet husband loves to party now second question is going are you from Britain or France Canada first people. I get aa huge ego possible yeah yeah okay no more right now five other people it’s a difference like can contact you on this course five other people without for 25 level.

But guys that’s it 25 never that it go somewhere else more no no no 25 level it’s less sorry just go sir if. I get free entry my pay 25 level. I want to hang from the bar for two minutes.

I want to hang from the bar for two minutes Chun if. I aim for the bar for two minutes oh. I get free entry on the bar it is time to go back we’re going to bed 3 2 1 let it rip he’s not connected yet right alright guys we are back at the hostel, and this is the end of the night it’s been an amazing four days here in Bulgaria, and tomorrow morning we’re heading back to Romania have good night guys let’s get lost again tomorrow Sun of the day be kidding you’re not joking there’s a snake oh my gosh dude you serious.

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