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Cabins are available for rental by the day, weekend, or week in a number of parks. Some cabins are available on private lands as well. Those that are located in Henderson Nevada and national parks are often in great demand, with reservations required many months in advance. Where demand exceeds supply, lotteries are sometimes used to allocate them.

A cabin provides a place for sleeping indoors and offers privacy, but at the same time it’s usually a simple dwelling located in a natural setting. Cooking facilities and a fireplace or stove are commonly included. The cabin may or may not be heated, and furnishings can range from primitive to very comfortable. Most often you can drive right up to it. Some cabins, however, are found in wilderness areas, requiring that you travel on foot or by other means to reach them.

A park information center or headquarters will often have brochures or flyers regarding these and other accommodations in the park, when available. They may also be able to advise you about lodging beyond park boundaries”or you could contact the state office of tourism for more information.

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