Hoi An Coconut Tour Vietnamese Cooking Class

This is, it’s been seven days. And, we’re in the Vietnamese jungle we haven’t eaten in five but soon gonna eat our tour guide Quan he doesn’t know yet.

So don’t tell him you’re not much of a meal but Willem anyways stay to hear in Hoi An this is our hotel pool. And for two dollars, it’s all-you-can-eat breakfast, I’m gonna help myself to a buffet. And, we’re off, we’re going to cooking school, I’m now fully equipped.

And dressed like a Vietnamese okay Abby got hot as well. And, we’re off to our cooking class, we’re at the market right now, we’re gonna get our booster today. And see you there preparing some the coconuts she’s just off to the market in the back of the motorcycle there’s just a chicken there’s two chicken thing you know hey guys but where’s my see this my fiber.

And this tree now. So apparently Vietnamese families will come here every morning get fresh food a little kitten oh my gosh stop everything for the kid nice knowing you guys oh this is a traditional Vietnamese market they’ve got everything from mango to the chickens. And shrimp.

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And is someone’s future meal these chickens but I don’t have too much longer to go kind of sad they’re all locked up in little tiny cages delicious way it is here actually, it’s the same way back home to you but don’t see it a few steps away from the market. And there is the river that runs through Boyan.

So, we’re going to get on this boat. And I have no idea where they’re taking us but, I’m always a print adventure that’s gonna guy, we’re getting in these little water tea cups right boys. So goals inner driver for the day what’s your name fun nice to meet you side note folks do not condone slavery take one what did happen uh funniest looking thing everyone else is paddling, we’re just being lazy in here that’s okay my guy doesn’t mind.

I hope he’s young he’s got energy full speed ahead finite hi. And, I’m tygon kinase faster just kidding keep keep going great pace. And they’re just making me slave over here all this later yeah earlier boats have people paddling.

And then there’s a. So I accidentally sat. I sat on our little paddle.

And now, it’s kind of like half a paddle cuz. I sat on it. And we have just arrived at our cooking class which is in the middle of this little Vietnamese mangrove or.

I don’t know water jungle. I don’t know what the actual term is might be a mangrove any who’s, we’re here at a on equal coconut tour. And cooking class we made it hello, we’re now taking a quick relaxation after doing absolutely nothing on a boat alright we let her we let her guide do all the work.

I don’t know if you hate this part. I didn’t sweat. I don’t smells good we were given some Vietnamese tea which.

I actually love, it’s actually one of my favorite teas. I’ve ever had. And we are now doing some traditional Vietnamese fishing but these fish are pretty much in an enclosed area.

So they’re pretty much just waiting to be picked off. And the first catch of the day Wow, it’s gotta be at Lisa a 2 ounce er big fish there Abby okay easy tough day at work my first catch of the day the 20 pounder can you help me oh you don’t know how to get the hook out well sorry. And go okay you get me yeah okay forward okay take for Miss just for a go to the right a bit red event one more step to the right forward forward okay stop.

And then, it’s like, it’s like it like one o’clock the thing to your right okay. And, it’s a bit more to your right. And watch your right get bit more to your right step back okay seven okay, we’re gonna hit the top.

I think, I’m alright more ice Larissa me a river. And step back a bit let’s go back yes a little back yeah. I keep your left your left right left right not you know right right to the right no no I’ll lift over okay please go after four years in a relationship let’s test our communication skills slow down to lid on let me just see this turn a bit to your right yeah a little bit more okay.

And then you’re pretty much you want to come a bit closer turn it no okay. And then turn a tiny bit more, it’s here right yeah you’re a bit more just the tiniest bit see right bit to the left okay you’re lined up. And you’re ready to go whenever you’re ready you didn’t wind up enough failure well it looks lovely yeah time to do some Vietnamese cooking Lauren.

I can’t even cook spaghetti. So this’ll be a challenge and. So did you get the Vietnamese pancake.

And also here we use some chili okay first meal papaya salad ready you can pit in the final product nicely cut out tomato flower with papaya salad. And spring rolls when lunch is served you make a cutie exit pin on this what does even soo-min italian. I made good food good cribs.

And we wrap them in a rice paper. And you turned into almost like a little burrito okay unusual but, it’s actually really good just finished now we had dessert which was some pineapple papaya passion fruit passion fruit is amazing. I’ve never had it before, it’s really interesting taste.

And yeah the whole cooking course is done it was like a really cool experience because it gave you a bit of a glimpse of Vietnamese culture. And just yeah, it’s more than just a cooking class. So it was an awesome experience.

I would definitely recommend it, we’ve left the Eco tour. And we are now at Kimmy’s which is where, I’m getting my super. And, I’m getting my first fitting done today so.

I think, it’s about four fittings to get your suit totally done.

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