What are we doing today chalk, and the mongrels run a mangrove morning bill morning Roger morning dead morning look at all these shrimp damn good catch all right. So we’re getting aboard our long tail boat morning oh wow where’d you catch that octopus YUM hello hello welcome aboard our boat here this is the Palm Beach Resort, and they will be showing us around today today we go into the mangrove, and then after mangroves we’re going through a local Cambodian village, and it’s actually a fishing village. So we’ll see how they live how they operate course supplies is growing around today’s a little bit more overcast than it was yesterday.

But the weather change is pretty quick today we’re getting lost the F go really slow through this area right now. Because the water is actually. So shallow wrote all of koh rong basically like the deepest points are about nine meters.

So this is really not a place to come for scuba diving whether good snorkeling, and it’s awesome. Because you can do a lot of walking around outside of the island being in the water right now we’re going through the suez here. And We’ve actually removed a little flak from the tops of boat.

Because we’re going to be going underneath the bridge the bridges few shorts we had six flag. We’ve taken the boat up into the mangroves right now we’re turning the boat around to go back to that little village, and it was. So cool.

Because all the little kids of course come out as as soon as they see the drone, and they’re all just like Hello okay. So excited to see us flying it around right now we’re actually going to go back there we’re gonna go explore the village yeah just really stoked to be here check out the mangrove really humid in the mangroves. Because there’s not as much wind flow oh did a fish jump there alright.

So we have just arrived in the little village here as you can see here everything is like right on the waterfront. So the kind of fiscal cash here our tuna Barracuda Cooper’s grouper Oh groupers, and a few other species. But you can see lots of little fish in the water here also saw a guy holding squid earlier today, and they also use the squid as base there’s a big chunk of fish with this.

So this here is a cut-up manta ray apparently when it was not cut up it was inaudible memorizing the radio just been corrected its array all the way here in a rural village, and they don’t even care about hundreds they’re ballin now this is fake apparently. So this is exactly why cashew nuts are so expensive.

Because the only one that’s one not right there, and you have to dry it out or wait for the dry out we can eat later they have the roasted ah that’s how they shrivel it down they roast it they roast it. So we can eat it later to share we goof, and what’s this village called XY XY Raymond was just telling us that the average family size here is five to ten kids massive families fathers are all fishing during the day, and the mother stayed behind to take care of the kids the most innovation whoa yep have you seen any. I killed a lost week one or over the whale along yeah yeah the most venomous snake on the planet the king cobra can go brought yet by that black ox yeah no it has that.


I don’t know the name is brown. But it has a defendant of the sea snake, and the few things most yeah, and here to have it don’t let yeah it’s so hot right now.

So we had to stop we got a couple of ancora beers, and lucky Ben over here luck of the Irish. So when you get an anchor beer apparently if you pull it up look inside this, and inside that circle there’s a little teeny Moe bobber you win free beer how does it feel hello hi high-five oh whoa. So him on was just telling us that there’s a little almost like a barrel you can see back there there’s two of them one.

I see filled up with roof, and like a liquid up to here, and that is whiskey there’s another one next to it that has actually filled up with the same liquid. But it’s marinated with snakes blood, and the idea is that the whisky is supposed to make you stronger by drinking the snake blood to give me to take a pass on that one. But interesting you have to be careful of what trees you’re walking under you’re more likely to die from a coconut than a shark that’s a fact all right guys it is time to go to our next destination we’re now going to lonely Beach welcome to lonely Beach this is a very lonely Beach there’s very few people here there’s one small little resort over there, and other than that you basically have to trek all across the mountain either by like a 1 hour hike or you can take a boat here like we did it’s beautiful the waters clear alright this is one small step for man both ways.

And I get off set of a sign this place is paradise like this is definitely going down as one of the most beautiful beaches. I have ever seen. I’m really excited to get ourself set up, and take you to the skies with this the drone is going to show this place off like it’s meant to be seen Ramon was just telling us that this side of the beach is owned by a Frenchman, and then

I started remembering that actually it’s my fuzzy like facilities the one who introduced each captain Niblo the rani is currently operating my Girona. I was just telling him it’s like the same thing is like when you let somebody else drive your car for me it just like feels like completely relinquishing control the situation, and it makes me very nervous even though. I know Ronnie is a very capable pilot flown many a time.

But every time a drone goes up you always run that risk that it may never come back. And I’ve seen too many drones go down the past week six minutes later or our guys beargrease here haven’t seen Ronnie while being in ages mate has been paid on limit. I’m completely lost oh yeah just hanging on the side of this yeah fallen log wish me luck as.

I go explore these are some perilous terrain if. I don’t see civilization serious path to drink my own piss for views hopefully there’s no deadly cobras up here although it doesn’t really scare me is nothing done through heavens one fall, and there’s no coming back from this one wow there’s something about getting lost it really can’t be beat Here. I am alone haven’t seen civilization in over 10 minutes got a little piece of tree in my mouth Wow now that’s what nature is all about.

So what you’re going to do here is you’re going to reach into the water, and just like that. We’ve now got yourself a pair of aviators how the locals do it here the very primitive techniques. But it’s quite a bit.

I’m. So lonely here. I’m out keep your eyes to the skies guys you never know when death is approaching that coconut could definitely kill someone now you know.

So this here is the hut at lonely Beach, and clean your feet off. So we just spent a good hour inside the lonely Beach dining area sexy resort here as well on a different side of Quran, and feeling well fed cinematic dog sequences coming your way you know the BenQ a special oh sorry there you just caught me taking a selfie in front of this stuff sunset here assessment we’re back at the resort, and yeah. I don’t know what we’re going to do tonight with the pool.

I’m currently the reigning champ, I’ll flip it up the Palm Beach Resort has a nice pool table good food that’s kind of what a night to be uh three things icing now. I’m just playing. So we are back at our humble boat here in Palm Beach Resort, and we’re going to bed it’s like 1200.

I do not like that no stereo no oh you gotta jump again alright oh no he’s moving anything else my gosh see that thing looks like a prehistoric dinosaur look at that. I was. I don’t like you moving you want to bite you yeah if you get bit by this thing apparently it’s got like the jaws of a pitbull oh yeah no apparently it’s really tough to get off you listen to where we’re sleeping tonight oh oh where’s you going to take that back gotta risk it to get the biscuit you said it now he’s going more in into the room look at it terrifying.

I don’t like this is like you know when you get to a final boss in a game, and you have to like defeat the final boss. But it takes a while to figure out the strategy Wow same thing here we go another soccer bowser in mario this is bowser ha didn’t even move. I hit him II didn’t you move he looks like he’s in the pouncing position he’s ready to jump, and fly it onto her arm this ultra flashlight here you didn’t like that look at colors on all he’s terrifying oh no.

I don’t like mostly this is a good chance that this could be the last blog ever posted wait if. I die. I won’t be posted.

So it’s a good chance that last blog will be the last blog that ever got posted. Because I might die tonight they will know about folks in goodness anyways. I’m gonna end it there leave the post a big thumbs up hit subscribe, and let’s get lost again tomorrow you.

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