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When you love adventure and finding out new things about places you tend to look for people with more knowledge about the place, event or activity to get the best out of the situation or to stay safe. A great tour guide possesses the qualities listed below.

1. Sociable

You’ve probably visited a few places and found the guide, valet or receptionist in a grumpy mood or outright boring. This could even dampen your spirits. A good tour guide should be easy to relate to at a human level.

Their job is to guide and offer help whenever needed, but a trip is more fun if the guide can give some stories, smile and look concerned in case of trouble. Great guides break social awkwardness with strangers instantly and within a few hours, you could feel like you’ve known them for years/ months.

2. Good Communication

Communication is the backbone of many businesses, whether in the service, product or technology industry. Being able to present the rules of an excursion or tour audibly and fluently matters a lot.

It builds confidence in the tourists and it could make you look smarter than you might be. Besides having a warm personality, good communication also boils down to having good manners.

3. Knowledgeable

It is a good trait to know all there is to know about your job and the place you work at. In terms of tours through rugged terrains, the tour guide should be able to explain why some maneuvers should be made and also facts about the place.

This means geology and geography of the place. Knowing the age of a volcano, the type of volcano and what spewed out of the volcano will make kids respect you. Knowing too much is a good thing when it comes to work.

4. Professionalism

Knowing the boundaries you are to work in without crossing any lines keeps many clients happy. Managerial and organizational skills will also be under scrutiny when prospective clients want to learn about your tours company. This means that you should be able to explain the workings of the business.

Zion national park tours know this best and their bookings and ticketing are never missing. The best way to keep clients coming back is by building their trust by not causing them disappointment.

5. Punctual

When you keep a family waiting, even for ten minutes, they will lose their patience and you will not be regarded as highly as you should. If you are to meet your tourists at 6 am, be sure to make it there an hour before. This shows them that you respect their time and you will get time to prepare the vehicles and also pack water and snacks.

6. Enthusiasm

A tour guide should humor the people he is guiding. Cracking a few jokes when giving facts about the place and features of the place adds juice and keeps everyone happy.

7. Passion

True passion for all activities is the most sought-after value at the work place. Any other person can take your job; it is just giving facts and directions and maybe fixing a few mechanical issues.

If you only want to work, with no passion whatsoever, you will definitely lose your job to someone who loves what they do. Passion is passed on and the tourists will feel it too.

In conclusion, for you to excel in your job, you should always give in your all and your best. Have a good sense of direction, good memory, be proactive and professional.

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