Oh alright guys we’re back on the move it’s been an amazing time here in coal run. And I truly would like to stay another night or two.

But where we’re going next is not exactly leaving koh rong. But it’s just a different side of quran we are going to the most high-end luxurious resort in all of cambodia, and easily one of the top in Southeast Asia here Jim Larry there is our pickup committee, and Ronnie how you doing today Chitti yeah well. I leave this vote is nice soft lf9 yeah it’s not about place that food poisoning.

I guess. I think. I first heard you last night around maybe two in the morning or something.

I just hear something like smash like it was the door to the bathroom, and then, and Ronnie’s spend the entire night in there thank you very much oh look at this Oh thank you very much well we read it you can read well God welcome to hello Ronnie waters looking nice, and blue thank you thank you oh please. So here on a special time volunteer we’re on songs last time over plus one hour from the mainland reservation if you’re jumping in the water, and we thoroughly recommend that you do just be a little bit careful just. Because it’s a little tight a lot of sea urchins are like first to the shore will it’s just people, and rely on that saying guys like what you see in the movies just one of the most polished entrances you could ever see in fact.

I know you an idea yeah that’s why yeah Tommy thing uh we’re here in some stuff for free night yeah we can go villa here please welcome together a few moments later oh hey there. I just checking the mail no no mail come on in guys nice to show you the place since you already here. I may pretend that we haven’t already seen the place.

We’ve already fully gone through, and everything but. I’m going to give you as offsetting of a reaction as. I have when.

I saw it last time this place is incredible this is a nicer place. I’ve ever stayed in let’s go. So back in the day.

I HP called Christians travel blog is now lots of long. So I used to call it CTD crisp. But we’re going to stick with it this year is the master bedroom.

So basically the entire thing is a suite. So the bedroom spells into the living room, and the living room sprawls into this incredible landscape of the backyard. So this is our private pool right over there is the ocean facing the sunrise.


So we’ll be getting up nice, and early for that this is a workstation when you’re working what better way to get inspired, and looking out at a beautiful ocean fir when you want to capture the sun’s glorious raise a couple of recliner chairs on a private beach all right coming through the back here wait what all right you know what. I would say to unplug our leads to another open one. So let’s go have you ever seen that in the movies like Lord Farquaad opening up the big doors basically the same thing pop it open into the palace you got your double sink perfect for him, and her in this case me in bed, and Ronnie the run isn’t is not how we go out of the bathroom got a couple of roads running, and dental chair one this is the soaker tub of course you got your full potential minimum you got your full walk-in closet storage area workspace, and my personal favorite room the piece good is useful this right here is Bend room then fun CTV cribs we’ll see you next week we’re going to find out if the irishman complete job.

We’ve got the menus on a giant piece of driftwood here kind of cool. I bet. I’m going to take the first move then are you ain’t got game.

I call myself a coffee hi accident Sara CUDA sandwich thank you very much then is currently up probably by one big figure you’re kind of winning chocolate brownies, and then is let’s just save beating me into well it’s official mr. Keeley destroyed me in chess. I knew from the end of subject anyways we’re going back to the villa, and can see how Ronnie is doing.

Because he’s not doing very well but I think she’s doing a whole lot better now that. We’ve arrived here helps kill any sickness in the body no shoes still get service girl look at that body used to browse all right guys when you’re in a beautiful place like this is no better way to see it than to get the drone up let’s do it except liftoff no matter even better all right.

I think another piece of gear is down this here gimble. I think is fried. I think the gyroscope or the gyroscope gyroscope basically the thing inside of it that lets it know that the camera is leveled.

I think it’s thrown off. Because it keeps wanting to turn the camera in different directions anyways luckily we have been traveling in twos we have two drones we have two stabilizers. So we’re going to be using Ronnie’s alright guys.

I’m going to go look around, I’ll be back in a bit it’s really not a lot of incentive to leave the room when you have everything in one place 24/7 room service you’ve got an amazing workspace. So here are the overwater villas we’re staying on the sunrise villas there’s the jungle villas, and these ones are the overwater villas. I think probably these rooms are my favorite there was a big influencer probably my favorite Instagrammer out there do you travel his name’s Jack Morris, and he was here probably like a month ago, and yeah ghin.

I feel like. I get like a lot of inspiration from his Instagram. I absolutely love it.

I think him, and his girlfriend do a killer job another little fun facts behind the resort onto the main Kuran island there’s actually a beach by the name of Long Beach, and that is where they filmed the most recent survivor. I’m not sure which one is more surprising that. I’m on the same island as where a survivor was filmed or that they’re still making Survivor think the ladder that right there is like the fantasy suite it’s got three rooftops like a giant spanning pool.

So another cool fact about the island here this is the female, and right where. I’m going next across is the male Island. And So the term song saw means.

I believe it means together or like something about unity. I can’t exactly remember what was what it meant the idea being the female, and the male Island are connected by the fridge what just made a noise right now. I’m going to go chill with my bro island leaving my whole Island never mind house roof.

I’m sure they show up quite well on the camera here you can see all those little black dots there those are sea urchins, and you can actually very very carefully pick them up. But if they puncture your skin they’re highly poisonous, and you’re in for a bad time you don’t want that. So this is Koval basically it looks like it’s actually a bit of a hike.

And I don’t know it’s over there. I don’t have shoes on don’t want to step on red ants or snakes probably no snakes on this island but. I’m going to come back here tomorrow with shoes oh my gosh there’s something in there what was that loud animals aren’t in there can I get a pina colada pina colada thank you very much sir. I really appreciate that enjoy yeah thank you there’s a lot of love that went into this pina colada looks like. I’ve got a pretty nice sunset spot to myself here.

So right now. I’m just reading one of my church services one of the great things in my church does they actually upload every sermon to their website. So it’s great for people who are reading remotely including myself one of the downsides of traveling consistently is that.

I don’t have the ability to consistently be attending my church, and if you guys actually want to see a really great post. I’m going to link it down below it’s Abby’s post that went out recently where she talked about what her talk to you means she got this really beautiful amazing tattoo on the left side of her back, and it looks cool. But the meaning behind it is what’s extremely cool about it she actually got it inspired by an event that happened in the Philippines sometimes my blog is very superficial, and you know you don’t get to see what’s behind the camera you don’t get to see what’s behind closed doors.

And So for Abby that was a way of her opening up, and kind of letting you guys know more about her she did such a good job telling that story, and it’s been really cool to see the support, and lack of negativity in a subject that tends to create negativity you also want to check the church. I go to back home. I highly recommend it if you’re ever like thinking to yourself that you were curious about church or you want to hear of a great church that you don’t even have to physically attend this is the one the village church is the one.

I go to, and it’s so great. So, I’ll link that down below thank you.

So I didn’t think. I would get much of a sunset tonight. I kind of thought of just fizzle off.

But this is turning into a beautiful Inferno behind that mountain the guys right now are actually facing the other way. So they’re probably not seeing this. But you can see it in the sky here as well as this is beautiful.

So I have no idea. If I’m in focus or not right now. But it is beautiful out right now perfect temperature all the torches are lit.

So I can find my way back to my suite there we go Villa 22 Hey. So we’re back at the suite here, and this doesn’t get old like look just what the lads currently do admit it do they come in here, and set up the best they made it romantic oh. So cool make sure to take out Ben’s stuff as.

We’ve linked down below check out his blog. So I just got a little notice here there’s a scroll hanging from the door open it, and says tonight’s venue is our beautiful waterfront Vista restaurant, and lounge. So we’re going to go grab some dinner at Vista wonderful.

So we are on to our third course in the main course. I got a rack of lamb what did you get all about the sea Cambodia has been testing us with food, and we have now made it to the promised land. So so good.

I’m gorging myself what could you get running. I got bln Samos you.

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