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Everyone loves to take a break from day-to-day life at least once every year, and this break can prove to be more exciting if you manage to tailor it at affordable price. Wish to opt for the best deal while choosing a luxury hotel? Here are some tips that you should consider while making the decision.

Negotiation begins at home

Before your weekend escape, sit with your family members or friends who plan to accompany you. Discuss about the accommodation and the facilities that you are looking for. Once your list is ready, you should start searching for hotels or other forms of accommodation that can suit everyone’s requirement.

It is advisable to select the hotel that is nearby the attractions you plan to visit while on vacation. There is no point in staying at hotel that is more than an hour’s drive away from attractions. You should also look at the property’s pictures available online if you plan to check-in for the first time.

Select two options in the final stage. Then, compare their prices and amenities that both offer. If your budget is too less to rent hotel room, you can also consider staying at guest houses that offer clean rooms, food, and other amenities.

Check all the available offers before booking

During off season, several hotels come up with special offers to attract more guests. Some offer three nights stay for price of two. You may also find hotels offering free dinner, breakfast, lunch, etc. when you stay for more than one day.

You can even try to find discount coupons for the hotel that you are willing to stay during your weekend escape. So, before booking your room, make sure that you spend good time in searching for best offers and discount coupons.

Call the concerned hotel

It may happen that the hotel you have selected may not accept those discount coupons. It may also happen that the online offer which you saw before packing your bags may lose its validity by the date when you reach the hotel. So, after finding the right offer, it is advisable to call up the hotel and confirm that the offer which you have selected will be valid till your check-in date. If possible, it is advisable to book, and make payment for the same using hotel’s website in advance. It is advisable to call the hotel and check the rates even of you are booking rooms thorough third party sites. Also, don’t forget to talk about applicable charges if you use your credit card to make final payment while checking-out.

Look for food coupons

Use Google search to find food discount coupons issued by restaurants in the city that you plan to visit. You can also find coupons for museums, theme parks, shopping centers, and cab companies that operate in the concerned city. This will help you save additional money while on trip.

Looking for luxury hotel in South Australia?

The Frames can prove to be the best option. It is located in South Australia’s Paringa town. The luxury hotel is located on cliff-top and it offers exotic views of River Murray. Every room offers privacy, and has sauna, heated pool, private outdoor area, and secluded balcony. Visitors can celebrate wedding anniversary, organize business meetings, and other events. Some couples also visit the property for romantic honeymoon.

Property is situated on the bank of Murray River. This river is home to several vulnerable species of frogs, fishes, and other aquatic creatures. If you stay at Frames, you can easily walk to some of the impressive wetlands and riverside attractions.

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