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Conversations with Muslim – Americans today and even people with a strong hold on religion will reveal that dating has changed tremendously from the type of dating that you used to know. For instance, if you think that dating is still traditional wherein you will meet someone that you like and you will eventually hook up, the type of dating now resolves around online dating sites.
If you think that dating just involves having sex without emotions, online dating sites now offer something that is far greater than that. Typically, Muslim Americans check out online dating sites in order to find someone that they can marry, someone that they can spend the rest of their lives with.
It might seem good but then again, it has been mentioned in the Quran that dating is not exactly something that Muslims should do because it is being with another person outside of marriage wherein couples are only supposed to be together when they get married. Knowing this, can online dating considered to be bad? Some myths about dating can be seen here.
Yet again, some Muslim Americans are saying that they are at the age wherein they cannot help but also adapt to the modern changes that has occurred over the past years. Through online dating sites, they meet other Muslims all over the world who are just like them in terms of thinking. In the process, they find someone whom they think they are truly compatible with and this may lead to a long and lasting marriage.
This might seem so easy, right? The truth is that Muslim Americans especially women sometimes feel confused with how they are going to integrate their religion and values to the culture of America. They feel great and independent because they have achieved some things that other Muslim women will not be able to achieve but they know that they would also like to get married. When women do something that can taint their reputation, this lessens their chances of finding someone that they can ultimately marry.
Yet sometimes it highly depends on the websites that people are going to choose like islamic marriage which obviously suggests that people here are going to find the person that they are going to marry. Some fixed marriages have ended up in disasters but there are also some who are able to find their partner for the rest of their life.
It is not only the Muslims who are finding it hard to meet Muslim men or Muslim women for marriage, there are also some Christians who are finding it hard to find their match with the current status of the world. With the various changes in people’s current way of life as well as the culture that people have to live with, how can people with a strong hold in religion truly find someone to marry?

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