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Seasoned travellers know that certain actions taken in preparation of a holiday can make all the difference between a smooth sailing trip and problematic aggravation.

The following guide by leading luxury villa provider PPA Properties will help steer you in the right direction by pointing out key mistakes to avoid before you travel.

Trusting Online Destination Descriptions

One of the most common mistakes that people make when researching their holiday accommodation is to believe in the online descriptions without fully doing their research. For example, “near city centre” is vastly open to interpretation, as is scenic views in reality you could end up paying a fortune on taxi’s to get to the holiday hot spots, and end up staring out onto a car park with a sliver of ocean just visible if you stand on tip toes. To avoid disappointment, always take extra time researching the exact location of your accommodation in relation to key tourist attractions and restaurants, as well as reading customer reviews on the place where you will be staying. If not enough online feedback is available, do ring up the hotel and question them about their facilities.

Trying to be Clever with Airline Bookings

Some researchers say that you’ll get the best airline fares if you book 49 days before a flight, while others simply say that the best time to book is on a Saturday or Sunday. There are a number of opinions, however the fact is cheap tickets come and go at random, it all comes down to lucky timing. Instead of putting yourself through stress by booking too early or too late, go ahead and book when it’s most convenient for you.

Uneconomical Mobile Package

International roaming on mobiles can cost an absolute fortune for even a few minutes chat or a couple of texts in some countries. For this reason, it’s crucial to before you jet off to ring up your network provider and find out the most economical phone plan to take out while abroad.

Budget Insurance

There’s no point buying the cheapest insurance you can find, because it will most likely be useless in covering you properly if something goes wrong abroad. It’s wiser to go for full insurance that provides secure cover, or don’t go for insurance at all if you’re happy to take a gamble.

Visa Disaster

Britons are used to being able to travel a myriad of countries without needing a visa, but bear in mind that some countries such as Brazil will require one. Don’t risk the disaster of being turned away at the ticket counter because you haven’t a visa always check document requirements before booking any trip abroad.

Bringing the Kitchen Sink

A survey by Travelodge found that two-thirds of travellers typically return from a journey with at least six unworn outfits. All savvy travellers bring only what they need and make sure they can mix and match to create new outfits. Unlike at home, each garment you bring should be worn two or three times. When it comes to underwear, items can be given a simple rinse in the hotel sink, so no need to bring fresh underwear for each day you’re away. Remember that the less you bring the less weight you’ll have to lug about. Additionally, many people forget that they will need extra space for new items they buy on holiday.

Reservation Red Flag

The majority of people these days rely entirely on their digital devices for storing key data, including their airline tickets and hotel reservations. It’s wise however to always have a paper backup batteries can unexpectedly die out and local networks don’t always kick in as soon as you land.

Container Nightmares

Always remember to tighten bottles and tubes of liquids as much as possible. Too many people have suffered the irritation of opening their suitcase to find their clothes covered in shampoo or toothpaste.

Airport Hell

Always leave enough time at the airport for security and other potential delays. Even arriving two hours before an international flight can be risky just think about Heathrow with its horrific queues and the mammoth trek from Heathrow Express through Terminal 1. The last thing you want is to start your holiday by notching up your stress levels to the hilt, let alone the nightmare of missing your plane.


By keeping the above tips by luxury villa provider PPA Properties in mind before you head off on your next trip, a great many disappointments and outright nightmares can easily be avoided.

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