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Whether you’re burnt out from the pre-holiday season grind or simply not looking forward to a cold winter front that’s headed your way, taking a vacation at the end of the year is an attractive prospect. But with rising costs of living and employers giving fewer raises than ever, in order to enjoy our vacation time we are having to get more and more creative.

Luckily, using the power of the internet, it’s easier than ever to find ways to save money while continuing to enjoy our lives. If we harness a travel aggregator like Travelocity, especially in conjunction with a major discounts and coupon holder like Groupon, we can find ways to take that escape from winter to the next level. Using Travelocity’s Groupon page, we can find deals such as 45% off hotel and flight packages, $200 off flights and hotels, $250 in onboard credit, and more.

Using the power of economy of scale and the buying power these companies have, we can find great deals. Sure, you can go through a travel agent and pay a higher fee so that the agent can make some cash and take a winter vacation of their own. But why pay an inflated feed when, for as a simple as signing up for weekly notices or perusing the discounts page on Groupon in your spare time, you can find awesome deals that will save you hundreds of dollars?

Instead of enhancing someone else’s vacation experience, you can take the trip of your dreams even if your employer isn’t interested in doling out higher raises. Just because winter is coming to your neighborhood doesn’t mean you need to live in winter right now. Using Travelocity and Groupon you can find awesome deals to take you to foreign and domestic places. If you’re excited to hit Las Vegas for the first time, the holidays are a perfect time to find great hotel and flight package deals. Maybe you want to hit the beach instead? Well, finding cheap flights to Central America, Florida, or Hawaii is so much easier when you combine the great discounts available at Groupon with the awesome deals on Travelocity. No matter where you plan to go this winter vacation, make your first leg of the journey focused on saving cash and visit the web for some great savings.

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