Such a crazy place it is day three here in Tokyo, and Abby.

And I are off to like the slow start ever it’s 2 p.m., and we’re just leaving hotel room now mark, and Katie went on a tour this morning they left pretty early we were invited obviously we just put priority over sleeping.

So anyways Rina we had some food now yeah we had a few drinks left today is rainy hopefully it’s not too rainy. Because we have no umbrella actually Abby we should get an umbrella from the front desk. But last night we went to Plushenko.

And I lost twenty dollars which is okay. I went there with the intention to lose lose all of it but I had no luck at all like the night before.

I won six dollars, and like. I kept getting the things to line up. But last night.

I just couldn’t get any of my luck to work. So I lost all after pachinko we started wandering, and we came across this elevator that went up into like what looked like an apartment building. But there was like some commercial things there.

So we went up, and we came across this shisha bar. So we got some shisha there but I guess we got the one with no tobacco cuz he was saying even the owners like.

I hate the stuff it’s so bad for you he said that one shisha was the equivalent of like 52 cigarettes. So we got the non-tobacco based one, and we just hung out with the owner, and like talked to him he’s from San Francisco is actually really interesting it was fun there Abby went to Disney World or Disney see Disneyland, and it was amazing.


So you guys subscribe to my blog about what making her way downtown walking fast faces pass home now we’re gonna get some lunch it this is actually where we came last night for lunch, and for five, and half dollars you get like a huge rice bowl with like teriyaki chicken, and miso soup oh yeah some pork rice miso soup uh alright maybe chicken Vince Japan’s gonna make it clean. And I like it’s so clean here people are.

So polite yeah some of the most polite people you’ll ever meet as well like everyone was just like. We’ve been there like genuinely like. So happy, and right goodbye like, and just like this Abby was saying that at Disneyland all the guys, and girls would have like hatching outfits, and costumes, and they were running around laura has a picture of these like ten guys all wearing pig costumes it just they have a really unique culture they love the like anime childish like yeah.

I really like it like. I think it’s really funny you’re really fun here what’s. So cool.

So you buy a frozen cup of coffee frappe, and then they put in some sort of a liquid. I guess it’s coffee out, and it melts it a bit they had a little tiny freezer where they keep all the cups this is actually such a smart system. I don’t know if it is good or not though that’s good everyone in Japan has been.

So incredibly nice it’s so funny though. Because like if you ask people from around the world sorry around Asia most people don’t like the Japanese very much.

Because of World War two Japan basically invaded almost every Asian country, and Japan was very well organized very powerful at the time when they still still are. But basically took over tons of countries, and occupied them in very vicious ways. And So I know in the Philippines in went to Hong Kong, and even in Bali like everyone had a bit of a you know a bit of a grudge against Japan.

So it’s so funny though. Because then you come here, and like everyone is so friendly you could never picture them as like the world domination type. But that’s just how history where. I guess learn.

I are excited. Because here here in the hotel lobby. Because I accidentally off the side of the hotel room, and we’re technically not staying here.

Because we’re crashing on the floor of Katie, and Marx. And So we can’t go to the front desk, and ask for a new key we just have to wait for Katie mark to get back in the meantime. I’m looking at drums here.

I think. I might get one when I go back to Canada which is going to be coming up pretty soon unfortunately our trips coming to an end, and about the same ideas.

We’ve left here. We’ve got about ten days left in Japan, and then we go to Eastern Canada. But it’s been an amazing trip like.

So so awesome. I will never forget this once in a lifetime, and you know the good times ensue as we continue our trip all right update on the night is now like 7 p.m.

Maybe later. I have no idea it’s 8 p.m.

I’m going out in Tokyo their last night here, and tomorrow morning we head to Kyoto. I think yeah no are we going to kill her we’re going to kill squad said no to the club we’re going to Shinjuku area which is where they have lots of clubbing they have lots of good restaurants. So we’re gonna go take a look.

So this is Shinjuku, and this is the busiest station in Japan it gets 3.8 million people through these stores every day such a bill in the world Oh busy busiest station in the world I’d like to juice you to my new pet Turkey. I have a sticky on a leash she like a little bit quick there for Giggy slow down up we go to the club ah wait how come they only brought three sticks oh you got the part have an arrow they got that in Japanese nothing to any Japanese.

I really think. So I don’t know the rest of song Wow such grace welcome to Tokyo you war pachinko, and for like the fifth time we are back at McDonald’s we’re gonna get some ice cream in surprise. I don’t want fries but.

I do want ice cream is this the dream. So many lights tokyo’s like an epileptic person’s like worst nightmare. So we are in what would be the sketchier part of Tokyo kind of like the red-light district.

I guess pretty much everything here is blocked out windows, and people try, and convince you to come in to see their girls up ahead here is the robot restaurant which we have. I really really wanted to see. But it was like $70 to not appreciate it it would have been like $70 just to go see it.

But it’s like the world’s most impressive like robotics that they have, and it’s crazy just Google robot restaurant Tokyo. But we’re not gonna be able to see that it’s such a crazy place. I love Tokyo oh that’s a robot restaurant there this is exactly how.

I pictured Japan instead of a candy green it’s a plushy cream you can get massive hamsters oh my god god bless Japan it’s actually really quiet like this is kind of like the clubbing, and well. I guess it’s not the clubbing area. But it’s like a huge party area with like everything from bars restaurants to girls, and there’s not a whole lot of people are lots of flashing lights, and yeah very much Roger Dubuis we’re heading back.

I guess everything closes out early early in Tokyo there’s a lot of subway runs around 12:00 he reopens at 4:30. So unless you’re really willing to stay out all night you pretty much have to get the subway around 12:00 as. I said.

So we are heading back to our hotel.

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